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i am brave because…

I am brave because this…


…can be this…


…and all that crazy chaos can blend with the organized and they’re both still standing.

Because despite words like ‘anxiety’ and ‘ocd’ and ‘stress,’ I pull myself together everyday and look forward. I am generous with my time and any talents I might have in the hopes that my kids notice and pass it on to their kids and they to theirs and so on. I cry when I have to and am not ashamed to let my kids see. Feeling is important. So is accepting shortcomings and trying hard to overcome them and work harder on yourself. I’m brave because I’m constantly working to find the balance between my tattooed skin, colorful hair and young and stupid decisions and school pickup, diaper changes, lunch making and well baby visits. And I’m brave because I feel like it’s working, but I keep at it until I know it is. And sometimes, that’s hard.

Follow @webravewomen on Instagram and be a part of their amazing project. I’ve been following Ashmae Hoiland for quite some time now and all her posts are beautiful. Her words flow magically and her open mind and eye for beauty are quite lovely. When they urged their followers to complete the sentence “I am brave because…” I wasn’t too sure. I’m not always brave. I ask for help a lot from my closest people. I am afraid of most of the decisions I make: afraid I’m making the wrong one(s), afraid of consequences, afraid of benefits, you name it. But I got to thinking and I realized that we’re all brave in some way. Maybe we’re brave because we finally got the confidence to cut our hair after having it long for so long. Or maybe we’re brave because of things we’re giving up for our kids or for our spouses or maybe we’re taking leaps of faith that are hard for us. Or maybe we tried sushi for the first time ever. I think we’re all brave sometimes. Maybe not always. But sometimes, we are all brave.