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Fashion for the Kittens: something mindless for a Saturday night.

Let’s do something a little mindless, okay?
Let’s talk children’s fashion.
I used to talk a lot more about children’s fashion, but that was before work and four kids and school and autism and violin and dance and Willow Center and GAP…it was when children’s fashion was closer to the top of my list of things that matter.
I’m lucky these days if I can find matching socks for my kids much less a put-together outfit. Just kidding. I try my hardest because it’s something I enjoy, but I don’t care as much as I used to. But it’s a perfect subject for a blog post when things have been a bit heavy lately.
It’s technically Autumn but it feels a lot like Spring. Today it was 70 degrees, I kid you not. We can see our breath in the morning but by afternoon we are peeling off our coats and it’s short sleeves. I’m over it. Let’s move on to sweaters and hoodies, booties and tights. Enough with the short sleeves.
Here are some of my favorite looks for kids in the Fall:
I’m a sucker for bloomers and tights. I know, what’s the point? The point is that it’s adorable. Sometimes, that’s all you need.

Maria is eleven and would rather me pick clothes for her than have to get up 10 minutes earlier than necessary to pick her own. She’s so easy to please and she’s super fashion on her own, so skinnies always, boots always, and she rocks a leather jacket like a boss.


Last year, Charlotte wouldn’t even touch her clothes in the morning if it didn’t consist of a dress and wedges. Yes, wedges. A famous Charlotte quote: “What is THIS?! This isn’t even LIKE A DRESS!!” complete with a toss of the cute clothes I had laid out for her. She’s mellowed out a bit and will even let me dress in her a sweatshirt with Jay-Z on the front and tennis shoes. We’ve come a long way, baby. But to meet her in the middle, I like a dress, leggings, and cute shoes. The jacket gets torn off, I’m sure, within minutes but she humors me at least while she walks to the playground.


Welcome to my perfect world where Ollie would happily put on a neutral Mabo tee, a cute jumper, wellies and yellow tights. Ollie cries when she’s not in a dress (this is a Charlotte flashback) and she usually sneaks a princess dress during that sweet spot when she knows we don’t have time for her to go in and change before leaving the house. But I’m not adding a Princess Sophia dress in this little collage, so this is it.



Alice and Jamie dress alike and if I let them do it on their own, they’d wear pajama pants every day and flip flops. So Hanna Andersson staples it is. Super comfortable, classic and cute.


If you see me out and about and the kids are wearing pajama shirts and tights as pants, it means I lost the morning battle. Or….Dan got the dressed. Either way, remember that deep inside me, I still know kitten fashion.