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Do you know what I’ve really dropped the ball on?


I had really grand ideas for giveaways for the 2013 year.  It was going to be “2013: year of Fairywings blog giveaways.” I was gonna give away awesome stuff like kids t-shirts and yummy candles and headbands and jewelry.  But then I forgot.

But I’m comin’ in hot with a Shwings giveaway to one lucky winner!

Photo Nov 04, 9 11 11 AM

Do you guys remember when I gave a pair away this Spring (side note question…is Spring capitalized in this instance?  I need someone to tell me)?  I’m not even kidding you, a couple weeks after I gave away the pair, the internet was blowing up with them.  No, I totally didn’t start it because I’m afraid celebs have yet to stumble upon this gem that is Fairywings and Dinosaurs, but I’m trying to tell you that I know what’s up.

So join the badasses and enter to win this bomb pair of Shwings.  Purple with neon green piping.  Perfect for a boy or a girl.  A toddler or a teen.  A birthday gift or a Christmas stocking stuffer.

Want to win?  I know you do.  Do this: comment below and tell me what your kids are getting from Santa this year.

I freaking need ideas.

For another entry (that’s right, I’m giving you guys more than one chance at this giveaway), share a link to this post on Facebook and give me mad props for managing the best blog to ever hit the interweb.

Or you can just tell all your friends to enter if you’re not down with lying.


[giveaway ends on Friday at 3:00pm]