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Ramen Night

It’s been two weeks + since I’ve posted and so much has happened.

I had another baby

We moved to Canada

We started an exotic pet business

Dan started a band and made it big

We had ramen night.


4 lies and a truth.


But we have, actually, been busy. The kids are coming up on the last days of school. We pulled Charlotte from her preschool program so she’s been on summer break early. Liz had her baby (Lucia) and I’ve been making excuse after excuse to sneak some snuggles in. Maria had her Spring dance performance and got pointe shoes and had her school Spring concert. Jamie has been researching paradoxes and schooling us on as many as he can. Alice had a birthday party and scored big. Franci has perfected her “no” and “hello” and is basically the cutest baby ever. Ollie has defended her title as happiest human on Earth with zillions of out-of-the-blue giggles throughout the day.

And we had ramen night.


Okay, so you (probably) know this about me: I love a good party. Themes make them so much better. Not stupid and over the top themes (although I dabble in that as well) but subtle themes. Ya know, like ramen. In San Diego, Danny and I ate at Underbelly, this amazing ramen house. The food there was so delicious and I love dishes that can be customized to an individual’s liking without re-creating the entire dish. With ramen, you have your standard base and you mix in what you love. We decided we’d try it out. Also something about the Prasils: when we decide to do something, we do it.

Amazon happened to have legit ramen ingredients and materials so we utilized our Prime account. Dan made a broth (homemade broth is everything), we skimmed it and skimmed it some more, we smoked some ribs and made a delicious sauce


soft-boiled some eggs, and arranged it all for the perfect ramen experience.



Oh, and fried rice. We made fried rice.



We had drinks and hung out with friends. Of the 7 couples we invited, only three were able to come. There were fundraisers attended, sick kids to take care of, sick adults not able to party, and out-of-town commitments. We were disappointed of course but had a great time with our pals who were there.


How do you make ramen? Here:




Ramen party not required.


PNW traditions

It’s easy to feel stuck where I live. It’s a small town with deep roots. I know everyone here (that’s an exaggeration, but it’s true that I can rarely go to the store, to an event, to the movies, you name it and not run into a few people I know or my family knows). Sometimes I wish we lived somewhere with lots of museums and community activities every week. I wish there were more than a handful of good restaurants and lots of different, quirky, unique things to do on the weekends.

But most of the time, I’m really happy living here. When I look at where we live and what we get to do, it makes me happy and makes me feel lucky.

There’s a pretty small window here for morels (morels are the point of this post, i’m getting to it, I promise). They pop up in the Spring, after it has rained, but only if it’s been pretty warm also.

morel-3 morel-2

They’re completely camouflaged and hard to find. But even harder to find if you don’t have a spot. Here’s some advice to you morel-hunting novices: if you see someone post a picture of all their mushrooms, don’t ask where they went to get them. But if you do, expect a very general answer.

Morel spots, like huckleberry spots, are sacred and secret.

We packed up the kids and decided we would go on a shroom hunt. Adventures are always more fun with friends.

morel-8 morel-12 morel-39 morel-60

We got a little sidetracked which is easy to do when you’re on such a beautiful adventure.


We found cool wood pieces, a creek, lots of interesting leaves, animal bones, tiny bugs and we felt like really brave pioneers or something. Pioneers of the forest. Forest pioneers.

But let’s talk about the mushrooms, okay? We scored.

morel-56 morel-70

I know, I know. If you are from this area and are mushroom hunters yourselves, you might be saying, “Ha! I could do that with my eyes closed!” Which, I mean, maybe you could. Newsflash: mushroom hunting while also being forest pioneers with 7 small children in tow is no easy task which is why we couldn’t have been happier with our haul.


We celebrated by making gnocchi with mushroom cream sauce and steak (or chicken) with sautéed shrooms.

Let me repeat that: CREAM SAUCE. Oh, it’s a gift from the heavens. And since I like you, here’s the recipe: