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Lewis and Snark is the new _______

Here are some things I know:

I like to laugh. I like to laugh at myself because I’m so embarrassing and dumb. Television was a gift given to us by God. My friends are legit and funny and really smart. My laugh is ridiculous and annoying but I don’t give a ________.

You guys, you will learn to know all these things to because guess what? Jackie and I have launched a podcast and it’s freaking cherry.



Here’s a bit about what we talk about in the latest episode:

  • the fact that my hair is greasy and I pretend it’s not
  • Hannah on Girls (SPOILER) being pregnant (sorry Josh, I bet you read that even though I said spoiler)
  • Fighting with my kids
  • Instant Pot — not mary jane fyi

We also talk to a real-life attorney (at-law) who discusses the legal episode of Bob’s Burgers with us but then offends us and gets hung up on. And we can do that because this is our show. Boom.

I forgot to tell you we have giveaways. Now, actually, we’re running a giveaway for this:

Screen Shot 2017-03-10 at 4.46.02 PM

Straight from Momofuku in New York. All you have to do is comment on our FB or IG page about your favorite part of our podcast. IT’S THAT EASY. And since I have an issue with buying things and giving them away there will be lots of fun things like this.


I forgot to talk about the genius that is Jackie who came up with the name Lewis and Snark. DUUUUDDDDEEEEEE. She’s clever.


SO, if you like listening to me butcher sayings like “forgive and forget,” talking about quality television (Teen Mom2, GIRLS, all things Bravo) or you wanna get in on this podcast and plug an event you’re a part of or a tv show you love and wanna share with our listeners, hit us up!!

It’s hard launching something new, and something that takes a lot of time and effort but it’s easier to do it with a friend and when it’s something that makes people laugh. We’re slowly growing our audience and I thought you’d want in on it. Check it out below:



Friday Favorites: podcasts

I’ve been driving back and forth out of town a weird amount lately and my car doesn’t allow me to hook up bluetooth and Danny hates me and never renewed our Sirius XM subscription. So know what I do? I listen to stuff on my iPhone with ear buds. Only a little bit dangerous, so I make sure to make it safe and only use one ear. I mean, I’m not reckless.

This week’s Friday Favorites is all about podcasts. My introduction to podcasts was a couple years ago when Serial was really popular. It was popular for good reason. If you haven’t listened, you totally should. And when you’re done with that, here are my next top five:

#1. This American Life


Ira Glass hosts this weekly podcast with NPR. I’ve always been fascinated with people’s stories. I think everyone has a story to tell and while some parts of people’s lives are boring and mundane, everyone has something interesting to say. In This American Life, listeners hear stories from people in lots of different situations and scenarios. I always finish up the podcast being really happy I took the time to listen. I always learn something new or have a new perspective on things.

#2. Phoebe’s Fall


I love true crime podcasts. Wait — I love good true crime podcasts. So many narrators sound as if they’ve never spoken before in their lives. I’d probably sound the exact same way. Super scripted and rigid instead of conversational and easy to listen to. This podcast flows really well and chronicles the death and investigation of a Melbourne woman who was found, dead, at the bottom of a garbage chute in an apartment complex. It’s relatively short and each of the episodes are only 25 minutes long or so, so it’s easy to listen to and it doesn’t get too long and boring.



Arrivals is a podcast focusing on people’s stories about change and transformation. The stories are usually pretty intense and deep but really interesting.

#4. Women of the Hour


Because Lena Dunham.

#5. TED Radio Hour


I LOVE TED radio hour. Each episode focuses on a specific subject (food, trust, originality, etc) and incorporates 3 or 4 different TED talks and interviews into it.

I only chose 5, but I have 10 in my feed – some are funny, some are scripted series’, some are news-like, some have to do with kids, some have to do with food, there is a podcast for everyone. Next time you’re getting ready for a long trip, take some time to explore podcasts and download enough to fill the time.

Oh, and happy weekend.