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Brainy Sunday

We weren’t being especially smart today, but we were being adventurous and took a trip to Field Springs to look for those brainy mushrooms called morels.


We packed snacks and lunch and beverages and after a quick hunt we sat and waited for our friends to arrive.


When they arrived we headed up the trail and looked for about 20 minutes but were quickly discouraged and went with plan B


Here’s something you should know: Dan and I are very serious about morel hunting. We don’t mess around and we certainly don’t waste time.

We drove down to the entrance road and hiked.



We found so many mushrooms and the kids took turns picking them after they’d been found which was very sweet but also very time consuming (you may need to reference my seriousness about morel-ing) because I had to wait for them to hike to the discovery which sometimes took 5 minutes.

Chef Danny made morel gnocchi which rivaled both Mystic Cafe AND Lodgepole which happen to be our favorites for the dish. I wish we had a secret garden full of these brainy beauties.

Happy Sunday!