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Nursery Tour

I have less than 5 weeks until my official ultrasound due date, but 3.75 until “my” due date. (Are you confused? So your original due date is calculated by counting 40 weeks out from the first day of your last period. But then it sometimes changes based on how the baby measures at your early ultrasound around 11-12 weeks. With 4 of my 5 babies, they arrived early — two were 10 days early, one was a week early, and one was 4 days earlier than my ultrasound due date. I usually just go by my dates I calculate. Mostly because it makes the time go by faster. I’m no fool.)

I try really hard to put on a happy face and be positive about everything, but the truth is that I’m pretty miserable. Being pregnant and chasing after a 1 year old, 3 year old, 5 year old, 7 year old and 9 year old is taxing. Driving around all day is more tiring than it sounds. I’m nauseous 80% of the time and if I eat even a teaspoon too much of food, my very restricted stomach sends it back up. My organs are so squished in there and my belly is so tight that every time Francesca moves, it hurts. I know this was all totally my choice, but guess what? Everyone gets to complain now and again. It’s a rule.

And did you know that certain anxiety medications are no-nos during pregnancy? So when I’m having an especially anxious day, it’s a little more difficult than it was before. And to be honest, I’m quite stressed lately. My dad has that goof-ball of a disease lymphoma and they have been going to Seattle for doctor’s appointments and such. So along with being worried about him, this mama’s girl is missing the quick pop-ins to their house. My kids miss them desperately when they are away. Thanksgiving is coming up and for some reason it’s stressing me out, even though I won’t have to be doing any work! Oh, and Christmas. You guys, buying Christmas gifts for 5 children is really stressful!! I want to get them ordered and wrapped before Franci arrives and there really isn’t much time.

But I’m so excited to meet this little peanut. And one really happy and fun thing that gets me excited is finishing up the nursery. The nursery that doubles as Olive’s bedroom. It wasn’t awful before, but now it’s complete.

Aside from one wall, you wouldn’t be able to guess it’s a shared girls’ bedroom. We are a little sick of pink at this house, so Danny and I wanted a modern, soft, neutral feel to the room and I think we got it.

This is the wall opposite the big window. On the left is the walk-in-closet and on the right is the bathroom. It’s true, they have their own bathroom. We are just really fancy in this house.

nursery-25 nursery-26 nursery-34 nursery-35

Honeycomb Shelves: Fab

BabyLit Books: Peek Kids

Camera: Twig Creative

Rocker: Pottery Barn Kids

Their room is quite small, but there is so much natural light thanks to 2 big windows. The play tent is a perfect size for a couple tiny little people to hide and get away from big siblings..and there are always little animal friends taking naps.


Teepee: Be Little You and Me

The beds. Yes, the baby will sleep on that mattress when she transitions from our room. Yes, we will definitely get rid of the cords. Yes, it’s perfectly safe. I promise. We are going the Montessori way again with the floor bed and once she’s able to crawl safely out of something off the ground a bit, we’ll add another bed like Ollie’s (because older toddlers certainly don’t need floor beds for the most part). Oh and Ollie’s bed? Dan totally made it. I showed him a picture of a bed I wanted from Etsy and he said, “Okay, I can make that,” and he did. There are no screws or nails or anything, it all fits together perfectly. I love being married to a crafty guy.

nursery-30 nursery-31

Bedding: Ikea

Sheepskin Rug: Amazon

Pink Tower  and Brown Stair Blocks: Kid Advance

Floor Play Gym: Ikea

For this corner, I wasn’t quite sure what to do because it’s right behind the door so a dresser couldn’t fit there, and it’s a weird space anyway. I decided to do the ‘ol Ruthie standby and create a felt ball garland and hang pictures from it. Olive LOVES looking at pictures of the kids and naming all of them. The bouncer will probably move from room to room once Francesca arrives, but for now it’s stuck on the grey rug in the corner.

nursery-37 nursery-38

Grey Rug: ikea

Felt Balls: Hello Maypole

4Moms seat: Babies R Us

And my favorite part: the wall. Okay, so here’s the story. I had ordered these decals and literally that same afternoon I went on a deals site and saw they had similar decals for 1/4 the price. I skedaddled and cancelled my first order and went ahead with the cheaper option. You guys, trust your gut. You get what you pay for. Similar does not mean same.

The cheaper ones arrived and they were a horrible color and horribly shaped. I’m glad they were cheap, but they were a poor choice. I should have just completely copied my friend Lauren and gone this route from the very beginning. But look, I ordered them, they arrived and they are perfect. (Also, Lauren was genius and told me to use a laser level to apply them…so easy, so fast, and so good).

We are currently using the cubbies as storage for shoes, blankets, diapers, blocks, toys, and books.

nursery-32 nursery-33

Cubbies: Amazon

Decals: Walls by Mur

A few things left to do (but that we are pretty sure will either never get done, or won’t get done for ages): paint the doors white, paint chalkboard/magnetic paint on the bottom squares of the 2 doors on the wall, add baseboards. We shall see.

Next baby post: the hospital bag.