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Fashion for the Kittens: something mindless for a Saturday night.

Let’s do something a little mindless, okay?
Let’s talk children’s fashion.
I used to talk a lot more about children’s fashion, but that was before work and four kids and school and autism and violin and dance and Willow Center and GAP…it was when children’s fashion was closer to the top of my list of things that matter.
I’m lucky these days if I can find matching socks for my kids much less a put-together outfit. Just kidding. I try my hardest because it’s something I enjoy, but I don’t care as much as I used to. But it’s a perfect subject for a blog post when things have been a bit heavy lately.
It’s technically Autumn but it feels a lot like Spring. Today it was 70 degrees, I kid you not. We can see our breath in the morning but by afternoon we are peeling off our coats and it’s short sleeves. I’m over it. Let’s move on to sweaters and hoodies, booties and tights. Enough with the short sleeves.
Here are some of my favorite looks for kids in the Fall:
I’m a sucker for bloomers and tights. I know, what’s the point? The point is that it’s adorable. Sometimes, that’s all you need.

Maria is eleven and would rather me pick clothes for her than have to get up 10 minutes earlier than necessary to pick her own. She’s so easy to please and she’s super fashion on her own, so skinnies always, boots always, and she rocks a leather jacket like a boss.


Last year, Charlotte wouldn’t even touch her clothes in the morning if it didn’t consist of a dress and wedges. Yes, wedges. A famous Charlotte quote: “What is THIS?! This isn’t even LIKE A DRESS!!” complete with a toss of the cute clothes I had laid out for her. She’s mellowed out a bit and will even let me dress in her a sweatshirt with Jay-Z on the front and tennis shoes. We’ve come a long way, baby. But to meet her in the middle, I like a dress, leggings, and cute shoes. The jacket gets torn off, I’m sure, within minutes but she humors me at least while she walks to the playground.


Welcome to my perfect world where Ollie would happily put on a neutral Mabo tee, a cute jumper, wellies and yellow tights. Ollie cries when she’s not in a dress (this is a Charlotte flashback) and she usually sneaks a princess dress during that sweet spot when she knows we don’t have time for her to go in and change before leaving the house. But I’m not adding a Princess Sophia dress in this little collage, so this is it.



Alice and Jamie dress alike and if I let them do it on their own, they’d wear pajama pants every day and flip flops. So Hanna Andersson staples it is. Super comfortable, classic and cute.


If you see me out and about and the kids are wearing pajama shirts and tights as pants, it means I lost the morning battle. Or….Dan got the dressed. Either way, remember that deep inside me, I still know kitten fashion.



I break my blog silence with an important announcement.


Culottes, man.

They’re in.

What I mean by “in” is that I took a chance on the clearance rack at GAP and, as you can see, I struck gold. That’s pretty obvious.

So with that announcement, I’m back.

One year old fashion tips

Franci wanted me to share with you her tips on being the most fashion 14-month-old you can be. She was afraid that since this blog has been rather serious lately, you’d forgotten how extremely fashion and cool she is. I assured her you hadn’t, but agreed to remind you anyway.



June and January romper and shirt.

Bloomies Handmade felt bow.

Handmade wooden dolls.

Board Book.

We love June and January. Amy’s designs are simple and comfortable and exactly what little ones want to play in. They’re versatile, too —  pair them with anything and it’s always appropriate.


June and January top and cardi again.

Hansel from Basil tights.

Hansel from Basil might be my favorite. The prints are whimsical and sweet and they add a fun element to an otherwise boring ensemble.


June and January top and tights. See? They go with everything.

Peek Kids bloomers.

Lemons and Lace headband.

Mini Myths board book.


Zara sweater and joggers.

Crafted Co headband.

Hazel Village raccoon friend.

Everything Crafted Company touches is perfect, including this headband. It’s thick and stays put on  Franci’s head AND the other girls. A note about Hazel Village: you must get one for a tiny one in your life. They come with tiny little outfits and stories about them and their personalities. They’re the perfect size for little hands and they’re the cutest.


Oh, look. June and January again. Love.

The Printed Palette shirt.

Kira Kids macaron leggings.

Baby Lit board book.

Montessori Pink Tower.

I have loved The Printed Palette for years! They are a small business based out of California and their tees are comfy and cute. I found Kira Kids at Renegade in San Francisco and loved their prints immediately. Fun and silly. As for the Pink Tower, I’ll always be a lover of Montessori materials. They are so well made and kids just ‘get’ them.

Follow the links to be a  Franci copy cat.

Happy End of Weekend to you!


I’m making a conscious effort to not place so much importance on how we (me and my kittens) look on the outside — meaning, spending so much on clothes is ridiculous and the way I always comment on cute clothes or brands is probably permanently making a home in those sweet little brains. So we’ve been doing something about it (look for a blog post on that in a few weeks).

But you guys, sometimes you decide “today is the day I’m going to really put effort into what my kids look like so people don’t think I’ve completely given up on life.” If you could have seen Ollie’s hair and outfit choice yesterday, you might think I should really look into serious help. Which, I probably should, but meh.

Today was the day I actually looked through my kids closets and chose clothing that was adorable and actually matched. This is a big day.

jfrt-7333 jfrt-7352 jfrt-7358

[those socks!!!]

jfrt-7400 jfrt-7425

Some of my kids refuse to be photographed lately. This makes me sad and might sometimes result in me threatening to take away privileges before I come to my senses and realize it’s just a picture…and then snap a quick one with my phone when they aren’t looking.

Sneaky like a fox.

Ollie scored big time at the Nordstrom anniversary sale. I’m not sure I could ever buy full-priced Hudson jeans or Docs for a 2 year old, so when I see them on major sale, I pounce. And since the sale is in the summer, I have to guess on sizes for the Fall/Winter. Apparently, Olive has chosen not to grow at all and still wears size 18-24 months. She swims in bottoms. For Charlotte? TARGET, you guys! Target is my favorite place for clothes, I swear. They copy trends of really expensive brands and all of us non-celebrity, non millionaire moms benefit. Franci loves Ollie hand-me downs and Maria is sporting some Target, too.

And the Frye boots? Because sometimes, a splurge is absolutely necessary.

Happiest Wednesday to you!

Fashion Forward

Let’s be very honest with one another, okay? I’ll start. I had high hopes for homeschooling this year and I fell short. I thought I’d be SO GOOD at it. I was fine. Maria did her work, she completed 4th grade, but it was nothing like I’d envisioned it’d be. We took very few adventure field trips and there was a lot of “free read” time. Towards the end of the year, I accepted this, but wanted to go out with a bang so I told her I wanted her to do a big project. Something that required her to use all the subjects she had worked on over the course of her 4th grade year: Math, English, Art, all of that.

“Ooooooh. A fashion show. A fashion show for charity.” (if you don’t know this already, I want to tell you about the size of Maria’s heart. It’s giant. It doesn’t fit into one home, it spills out into many homes and covers all the people who need it)

She began by doing research on charities in our area. She had already done a lemonade stand for Willow Center, gone through all her clothes for House of Hope and raised awareness for animal rights (hilarious). I told her about Jackson’s Pay it Forward Foundation and she decided right away that this Jackson kid sounded like a pretty solid guy and she wanted to follow in his footsteps and pay it forward, too. So she came up with:


She knew right away she wanted to showcase fashion because if you don’t already know this (in addition to what you didn’t already know before), Maria is pretty fashion. Let’s just say….she gets it. This is where I stepped in. I emailed my favorite instagram, Etsy, and other online shops and told them what we were doing and requested a donation for the fashion show. You guys, people are good. And the people who are the best are usually the ones who aren’t quite as large and don’t make gobs of money like the big, huge businesses. Our most generous donations came from tiny little businesses. Moms who opened up their own little shops, selling their (really amazing) goods.

One of my favorites?

Screen Shot 2015-06-27 at 9.50.51 PM

Anna Rice. She owns Mina Loves Bows and I could not be more thrilled to have met her through this. Go to her shop RIGHT NOW. (1) Her bows are out of this world beautiful. The leather ones are my very favorite. (2) I think she has a heart comparable to Maria’s. She not only donated TONS of bows, she asked some of her friends if they might be able to help, too.

We got such an incredible response from that first go-around of emails and soon the donations came in. We had friends ask their friends for donations (Idahome anyone? Jackie Weibler contacted them for us without us even asking and they sent some of the best shirts and stickers!) and friends just offer up donations of their own. Danny’s downstairs workshop was full of children’s clothing and accessories with mama stuff thrown in there, too.

There was months of planning involved. We took a few trips to Costco to see what they had as far as food and how much it would cost. Maria recorded a couple videos telling about the event and asking for donations. She met with people to ask for money in person and she wrote to people, too.

Have you ever solicited for donations? It’s awful. Asking people for money is hard and can be nerve wracking and make you feel embarrassed (WHY IS THAT?!) but Maria did it like a champ.

She spent HOURS making thank you cards and reeled in some friends to help her, too. She painted fashion art that we used for posters and ads and colored banners and posters.

We decided a month or so ago that we were going to switch things up and do the auction for the clothes 100% online so that the items would be seen by a larger audience and we could get the most money out of them. SUCCESS.

And after I added up all the bids, contacted bid winners and organized clothes into bags (stuff that had to be done by me), it was finally the day.


Maria was so excited and only got more and more excited as the day went on. We got down to the event site at 11:00am to find all the chairs already put in place by the amazing Angie so we started unloading bags and getting decor set up.

piff-3013 piff-3014

And then models started arriving. Our little friends are our favorites.

piff-3033 piff-3035

piff-3112piff-3038 piff-3046 piff-3047 piff-3114

While some models helped with food prep…


…others got their hair and makeup done.


[I have one word to say about this child and her hair: potential. Dude, that hair had POTENTIAL!!! Avant garde, high-fashion, super totes rad potential. But what did she do when she saw that poof? She threw a fit. I mean…crying, mascara running, a little feet stomping fit. She’s not a girly-girl and she does NOT like being the center of attention. That hair DEFINITELY would have been the center of attention. We tamed it, but it could have been AMAZING. It was just incredible.]


Makeup was done by the fabulous Natalie. She did just enough so the girls felt pampered and looked beautiful (they already were, obviously) but made sure they didn’t look too done up. Perfection.piff-3027 piff-3043

Hair was headed up (see what I did there?) by Whitney. Our friend Whitney is a hair stylist…like that’s her profession. Our friend Whitney gave up a Saturday and came down THE ENTIRE DAY to help us out. I’m not sure if you know this, but it’s wedding season. She could have really made some good money today but instead…she helped us. That’s a generous heart, too.


We set food out.

piff-3012 piff-3028

Oh, the food? Provided by none other than Papa and Lala. Oh, you don’t know them? They’re from Awesome-ville. It’s a suburb of Support City, on the way to BestEverton.

Then it was 3:00.

piff-3097 piff-3039

Everyone was seated and Maria began.


I’m not sure where she came from. She was incredible. When I get up to speak, my voice cracks. I make the dumbest jokes, laugh really awkwardly, and I stutter. I stutter every other word and I get super sweaty.

Maria spoke like she does it for a living. She was loud and her voice was clear and what she had prepared was perfect. I was so proud of her.

Our models were pretty great themselves.

piff-3058 piff-3067 piff-3070 piff-3077 piff-3078 piff-3089 piff-3095

And by the end of the show, we had raised over $5,000.


I almost can’t believe it. And then I remember how much work was put into this. Not only by me and Maria, but by Papa and Lala. Tara, our very favorite who ran the front table the entire time while also wrangling small children. Danny who was our errand boy. Whitney and Natalie and Megan. Nina and Rachel and Jessica and Ellen and Lindsey and Witney and Liz and Katie and Kami and Abbi who let their kids model for us. Angie and Debi at the CAH who donated the space and got it all set up for us. All the shops who donated and all our lovely people who came to watch.

Thank you for all of your support. Sometimes it’s exhausting to know someone who is always doing something. Always has a cause they are raising money for, always asking you to either come to a party or come to an event or come help/give/donate. But we appreciate you. We appreciate you more than you could ever know!

What They Wore (on Monday)

Oh, don’t mind the photo quality. Don’t mind the messy house and the poorly-posed children. But totally mind the outfits. They’re money.

Franci Pants:


BabyGap dress || Jcrew Crewcuts tights || Freshly Picked moccs

Alice the Amazing:mondaykids-66

Tucker and Tate dress || Vintage socks || Nordy’s boots

Maria the Magnificent:


Crewcuts top and pants || Zara kids boots

Jamie the Jabberwoky (i mean, it’s hard to find a cool J name):mondaykids-74

Crewcuts tee || GapKids cords

Olive the Oh-So-Sweet:mondaykids-79

Tea Collection dress || GapKids tights || Minnetonka boots

Shimmering Charlotte:mondaykids-99

Tea Collection tee || Hello Apparel leggings || Hunter boots

Hey guys, don’t worry. I was just trying out that nickname business and it didn’t work out very well. It ends here. Oh, and the photos? They’ll be better next time, I promise.

I’m getting ready to step up my blogging game, so don’t you go anywhere.

Itty Bitty Fashion

Because tiny kittens deserve to be fashion, too.

I love dressing my kids. I love finding little shops that are completely my style (uhhh, I mean my kids’ style?) and then mixing and matching elements from their closets to make their looks complete. If I sound like I’m narrating Project Runway: Tiny Edition, it’s because I’m pretending I am. Let’s continue.

I stick to a few big companies for the most part for the basics: crewcuts (Jcrew), Mini Boden, Zara, Peek Kids, Gap. Why these? Well, they are a little on the spendy side, I realize, but with 6 kids, clothes get passed down! If I were to completely outfit my kids in Old Navy or Target clothes all the time, the clothes would wear out and I wouldn’t be able to pass them down. Those just don’t wash well over and over and eventually they get holes and they fade and they just aren’t the best quality! Now don’t get me wrong. I LOVE Target especially for lots of things like tee-shirts and for the occasional sweatshirt and legging. I definitely shop there and it’s the place to get the most bang for your buck in the short run, no doubt. But if you have lots of kids and you want the biggest bang for your buck in the long run, you have to spend a little more up front.

But what’s an even better perk? These brands wear so well that you can find them in many consignment stores, looking in nearly new condition and for a fraction of the cost! It’s my favorite.

Franci’s closet is currently my favorite because everything is so tiny and so cozy, even when it looks totally fash. I want to wear pretty much everything she owns.



Peek Kids sweater and Peek kids leggings. The leggings were passed down from Ollie and the sweatshirt? A sweet find at only $8.99!!


I pretend I’m French sometimes (oh, and Spanish. And definitely British). And what better way to let people know exactly how to speak to me than to have my baby wear a ‘bien’ sweater? No better way, that’s the answer. A fur vest is always appropriate and the pants? Ah, I need some in my size. SO comfy and easy to put on and take off. The moccs are just icing on the cake.


Can you tell I like Peek Kids? It’s because their pieces are SO simple but so sweet and versatile. I can pair them with, really, anything. And I do. The pants are from a sweet IG shop I follow and are thick and wash really well — they are actually from Olive. I’m a faithful customer of Lemons and Lace as well as Freshly Picked. You gotta love mama shops, right?


The shirt? I die. Lily got this for Franci and it’s from Slyfox Threads, an awesome little shop. And then Cleo and Stella, our baby friends gave Franci these adorable leggings (you guys, they are tiny!!!) from an IG shop who just happens to be local to us. Double score. And I’m so clever. That headband is actually a bow tie but it’s perfect.


Tara’s babies are as fashion as mine (toot toot) and we borrowed this hat look from them. Sekilola makes the most adorable turban hats. I put one on my little ones as often as they’ll let me. This sweater is hand knit by the most adorable older woman who had a booth at a craft show I attended about 2 days before Francesca was born. I had to have it. And don’t for one second think I didn’t snag a matching bonnet. The dress is a simple and adorable short sleeved baby doll style. Of course put together with FP moccasins and Peek Kids pants.


Yep, Peek Kids again. Their sweatshirts are to die for, and short sleeved for Spring? Sold. Okay, so these leggings. They are SUPER thick and I wasn’t sure I would like them but they are perfection. They are as soft as they are thick which is what I love. So cozy and warm.


The turban shop also makes headbands. Love it. The layered look for babies is kind of equal parts hilarious and awesome. Again, Peek Kids. But these shoes? Ah, I’m obsessed. They are still slightly too big which is perfect because I can get away with them for a long time.


Here it is, my favorite casual shop (yes, I am not lying. I definitely have a favorite casual shop for my babies). CHILDHOODS!!! You guys, run there now. She opens her shop only a couple times a week because her pieces are in such high demand and I know exactly why. They are crazy-soft, crazy-cute, and wear really well. Olive has a few pieces that she’s passed down for when Francesca is a bit bigger.