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Hey, Alice!…the whales edition

Hey, Alice!


Alice: Did you know there are only 10 whales left in the world?

Me: 10 what?! (in my defense, her speech impediment made it sound like she was saying ‘morels’ and I panicked)

Alice: Whales. WHALES. Ya know…whales.

Me: Only 10 whales

Alice: Yeah, 10. Like, not types of whales, but like 10 real whales. Know why?

Me: Why?

Alice: Because people started hunting and killing them for food and stuff and when only a few are left they start being endangered. And there are rules so no one can kill whales now.

Me: Do people follow those rules?

Alice: Yep, no one ever kills whales now. And we can get more but only if they make babies. And also we should be careful because if there are only 2 whales left in the world and a shark, like, kills one and we don’t know that happened and we go and kill one and think there’ll still be one left, we won’t know that the shark killed it and so there will be zero whales left.

Charlotte: Alice. There are lots of whales in the world.




***Hey, Alice! is something I do that features my adorable seven year old, Alice. She tells me facts and stories and says them with such confidence that you might actually start to believe they are true. Check out all my Hey, Alice! posts by clicking on the category link.


Hey, Alice! (How’s that taste?)



Me: Alice, I didn’t know you liked cinnamon rolls? You’ve never eaten one before.

Alice: Oh, yeah. Well…I do. Ya know, I just had a birthday. And, ya know, each time you have a birthday your taste buds change.

Me: Oh yeah?

Alice: Yeah. So, like, you start to like different foods that you didn’t like before. Like cinnamon rolls.

Me: What else? Did you start to like anything else?

Alice: Yeah. At school. Last week I ate some broccoli.



“Did you know there are some places no one can go, not even adventurers? Like, some caves have signs that say you can’t go in them. Except maybe some very special adventurers or ones that need stuff like if they’re or and, ya know, stuff like that. Like lava and iron and you need a special ironer to iron it down and get the ore. And, like, if you see 5 dots that’s the amount of ore. It’s in both real life and Minecraft. You don’t know because you didn’t really experience that as a kid..”

Dinos and the Formation of the Earth


“So, Mom, did you know that dinos aren’t here anymore because of the eruption? Yeah, a big ‘ol volcano just erupted and so now that’s why there isn’t any dinosaurs here on this earth. Yeah, it happened about 1,000 years ago about. And then did you know that once, this whole planet was water, and then the land just grew out of it? Likeā€¦it just growed out of the seas. So this town wasn’t here then. And that was a super long time ago. Like 200 years. No, 300. 4. 600 years. It was 600 years ago.”



“Oh yeah, I know the very, very, very first war in the world. It was called the civil war. And it was against two teams. One team thought people should work for them and the other team didn’t think people should work for them. Yeah, and I am pretty sure the one that didn’t think people should work for them won. How’d they win? Guns. I think they had guns.”

That, my friends, is history.

The Titanic


“Oh. Well about 1,000 years ago, there was a really big ship and it was going across the ocean. Well the driver couldn’t turn in time and it was super dark and they couldn’t see and they just rammed right into some ice. And it made a little tear and a little leak and the ship started sinking. And about 1,000 people were on it. And some, about 75, got onto some boats and escaped but the rest died when it went under. And know what else? Well there was some music players and they stayed on the sinking ship and kept playing music to make the people calmer. That was nice, huh?”

Super nice.