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Lewis and Snark is the new _______

Here are some things I know:

I like to laugh. I like to laugh at myself because I’m so embarrassing and dumb. Television was a gift given to us by God. My friends are legit and funny and really smart. My laugh is ridiculous and annoying but I don’t give a ________.

You guys, you will learn to know all these things to because guess what? Jackie and I have launched a podcast and it’s freaking cherry.



Here’s a bit about what we talk about in the latest episode:

  • the fact that my hair is greasy and I pretend it’s not
  • Hannah on Girls (SPOILER) being pregnant (sorry Josh, I bet you read that even though I said spoiler)
  • Fighting with my kids
  • Instant Pot — not mary jane fyi

We also talk to a real-life attorney (at-law) who discusses the legal episode of Bob’s Burgers with us but then offends us and gets hung up on. And we can do that because this is our show. Boom.

I forgot to tell you we have giveaways. Now, actually, we’re running a giveaway for this:

Screen Shot 2017-03-10 at 4.46.02 PM

Straight from Momofuku in New York. All you have to do is comment on our FB or IG page about your favorite part of our podcast. IT’S THAT EASY. And since I have an issue with buying things and giving them away there will be lots of fun things like this.


I forgot to talk about the genius that is Jackie who came up with the name Lewis and Snark. DUUUUDDDDEEEEEE. She’s clever.


SO, if you like listening to me butcher sayings like “forgive and forget,” talking about quality television (Teen Mom2, GIRLS, all things Bravo) or you wanna get in on this podcast and plug an event you’re a part of or a tv show you love and wanna share with our listeners, hit us up!!

It’s hard launching something new, and something that takes a lot of time and effort but it’s easier to do it with a friend and when it’s something that makes people laugh. We’re slowly growing our audience and I thought you’d want in on it. Check it out below:



Old Loves

I interrupt your busy Tuesday afternoon with an incredibly important message.




If that means nothing to you, you are dead to me.

Just kidding, but it does mean you aren’t up to date on HBO Girls. It also means you might have better things to do than go and look up Tumblrs that are mentioned on a television show, more precisely Sunday’s episode of Girls in which Marni and Hannah invade the home of Jessa and complain about their boys and Marni has an ‘a-ha’ moment that tells her she’s actually the problem, not Desi.

But my friend Jackie? She knows what’s important in life and texted me today saying that the Tumblr is, in fact, real (she remembers important things, like fact checking television shows while I make a mental note to do it and then forget instantly) and we continued to feel nostalgic over relationships of the past:

Ryan Phillippe and Reese Witherspoon

Katie Holmes and Chris Klein

Tara Reid and Carson Daly

Sonny and Cher

I also spent a good portion of my day texting back with two names followed by this: “?!?!”

Ashton Kutcher and January Jones?!?!

Kathy Griffin and Jack Black?!?!


Check it, don’t wreck it:



You’re welcome and enjoy.