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Franci. Francesca. Francipants. She’s two.

Remember when she was like this?:

Now she’s like this:


That sums her up quite nicely.

Francesca is adorable. Her plump little cheeks and her grey-blue eyes along with those perfect lips and cute little nose make up the sweetest face.

She knows what she wants and if you don’t give her what she wants, she’ll scream. She’ll throw things. She might even swipe at you, so be careful. Or, better yet, just give her what she wants. On the flip side of that, she does actually know how to take turns. She knows the world isn’t just hers and that she has to share. She might not always like it, but she usually goes along with it. She is an eater, that’s for sure. She loves to eat and she loves bites of anything you might have. She loves the water and would stay in the shower for hours if we let her. She’s fearless and climbs ladders and rocks and steps like it ain’t no thing. She sleeps in a big girl bed, but would drink out of a bottle every time if you let her. She knows what a potty is for, but just doesn’t have time for that nonsense. She is the best traveler and doesn’t mind long car rides as long as she can scream your name (usually “dadaaaaaa!”) every 10 minutes or so just to make sure you’re there. She sits and listens to books and dances when we throw impromptu dance parties. She squeals when it’s time for Dawn’s and wants to watch Emma’s snapchats every night. She dances when she hears the doorbell because she knows it’s usually “Papalala.” She’s the funniest little kitten and we are just so glad she’s ours.

We celebrated her on Wednesday and it was a small, quiet, perfect little party for our number six.

Balloons make a gathering a party and party hats are essential.

And let’s talk about the Francesca banner that my friend Juey got her when she was born. Oh….melt my heart, I love it so much.

France loved it all.

Charlotte is teaching Franci everything she knows and it’s really quite frightening.


“Play it cool, like you don’t give a rat’s tail…then give ’em just a taste of what they want.”

For her cake, we went with store bought cupcakes and cookies and it was perfectly what she wanted. She made lots of wishes that night, and I hope she wished for books and clothes, because that’s what Mama and Daddy got her. We’ll do better next year.

Happiest of days to our sweetest Francesca. We love you to the moon and back.


One year old fashion tips

Franci wanted me to share with you her tips on being the most fashion 14-month-old you can be. She was afraid that since this blog has been rather serious lately, you’d forgotten how extremely fashion and cool she is. I assured her you hadn’t, but agreed to remind you anyway.



June and January romper and shirt.

Bloomies Handmade felt bow.

Handmade wooden dolls.

Board Book.

We love June and January. Amy’s designs are simple and comfortable and exactly what little ones want to play in. They’re versatile, too —  pair them with anything and it’s always appropriate.


June and January top and cardi again.

Hansel from Basil tights.

Hansel from Basil might be my favorite. The prints are whimsical and sweet and they add a fun element to an otherwise boring ensemble.


June and January top and tights. See? They go with everything.

Peek Kids bloomers.

Lemons and Lace headband.

Mini Myths board book.


Zara sweater and joggers.

Crafted Co headband.

Hazel Village raccoon friend.

Everything Crafted Company touches is perfect, including this headband. It’s thick and stays put on  Franci’s head AND the other girls. A note about Hazel Village: you must get one for a tiny one in your life. They come with tiny little outfits and stories about them and their personalities. They’re the perfect size for little hands and they’re the cutest.


Oh, look. June and January again. Love.

The Printed Palette shirt.

Kira Kids macaron leggings.

Baby Lit board book.

Montessori Pink Tower.

I have loved The Printed Palette for years! They are a small business based out of California and their tees are comfy and cute. I found Kira Kids at Renegade in San Francisco and loved their prints immediately. Fun and silly. As for the Pink Tower, I’ll always be a lover of Montessori materials. They are so well made and kids just ‘get’ them.

Follow the links to be a  Franci copy cat.

Happy End of Weekend to you!

17 Weeks

She’s 17 weeks.


To all of you non-parents (moms tend to count their child’s moments in weeks instead of months until about 6 months…and then months instead of years until they are 3….it’s just the way it is) that means she’s a little over 4 months.

I have 17 pictures of her on this grey rug in the same onesie and will probably have one hundred more before I decide to do something with them.

Her smile is beautiful and her hair is not. But it’ll come in.


This might be a weird thing to say, but I love her name more and more with each day that goes by. She’s a Francesca 100%.

17weeks-96 17weeks-98

She rolls over now, and only just mastered it this week. She hates being on her tummy and loves being carted around. She loves her mouse friend, loves chewing on everything (is she teething??) and is the sweetest.


I get asked a llllll the time, “Who does she look like?” because she isn’t quite like my first 3 who looked so much alike for their first 12 months. Or Charlotte who looks a lot like me and like Jamie with her big brown eyes. Or Ollie who is so uniquely herself, apart from the others. She’s Francesca with perfect ears and silly hair. Grey-blue eyes and skin tone in between fair and olive.

And at 17 weeks, she’s just perfect.

4 weeks and snow

Today, Franci is 4 weeks old.


She is nursing beautifully still.

Her legs are still itty bitty, but I see a tiny roll starting. This makes me happy.

She smiles. You guys, she SMILES!! She first smiled at me. I’m not kidding and I’m not lying. It was 2AM and she decided she didn’t want to sleep. I was watching her and she was smiling and I totally didn’t think it was real because she isn’t even a month old! But then the next day, my dad said she smiled at him. Now…I rarely believe my dad when he claims to catch milestones like this. Because he’s a lying dog. But then that night, she smiled AGAIN at my friend Liz. And then today she smiled at me once. They are few and far between, but they are real.

She wakes up 2-3 times a night to eat and is a pretty good girl about going back to sleep. She’s way better behaved than Alice and Charlotte.

Oh, and she’s still crazy cute.

week4-85 week4-103

And today is even a little more magical because we woke up to snow — lots of it!

And, believe it or not, it continued to snow throughout the day. And when that happens, you get blessed with pictures like this:

week4-143Closed-eyes-tongue-out-tasting-magic type pictures.

Happy Snow Day.