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We all know what Wednesday means, right??

Okay, so maybe I’m shuffling things around and what used to be called “What They Wore Wednesday” is, for today, “Wednesday Favorites” because if I am being honest with myself (which I’m trying to be a little more often), I want no one to witness W(th)WW.

So today, we view some favorites.

Wild Fox sunglasses. You guys, if I had a dime for every time I got complimented on these sunglasses, I’d buy each of you a pair. Or at least one of you. Or at least pay the shipping on a pair you buy yourself. My point is, I’d make some money because that’s exactly what these sunglasses are: MONEY. I love em.

Screen Shot 2015-05-08 at 11.19.39 AM

Kortni Jean swimsuits. I’m not sure if you all are aware, but high-waisted bikinis are completely in this summer. Which is pretty much the best news ever for a mother of 6 who is quite close to losing baby weight but will never lose the stretch marks or the loose skin (of which there is plenty). Kortni Jean has the cutest mix and match patterns and colors and the next time I find a $100 bill on the street, I’m going to buy a suit.

Screen Shot 2015-05-08 at 11.20.08 AM

Question: When is it not party time? Answer: never. It’s always party time. Ban.do has become one of my favorite brands for all things fun and spunky. SPUNKY. Off-beat, things you wouldn’t expect. Things like “party time” headbands and pencil cases that say “I’m very busy.” They’re my favorite for tumblers and headbands and coffee mugs and accessories.Screen Shot 2015-05-08 at 11.21.19 AM

Where was I when Parenthood arrived on television? I’m not sure where I was or why I didn’t jump on that train each time I saw a Facebook status about “last night’s episode.” Tara mentioned that she started watching it and I rarely let my friends get away with doing something cool and not joining in, so I definitely started watching it on Netflix, too. HOOKED. Will Crosby and Jasmine ever get back together? Will Alex relapse? KRISTINA IS PREGNANT?!?!??! so much happening in my life their life right now.Screen Shot 2015-05-08 at 11.21.43 AM

Shook Twins. Danny and I went to see them a few weeks ago at LCSC for the Dogwood Festival and I was sold after their first song. They’re cute as can be, incredibly talented, and it’s the kind of music that makes you feel at home. Does that make sense? Listen and it will.Screen Shot 2015-05-08 at 11.22.19 AM

Coconut shrimp tacos. Patrick and Lily took me to a Mexican restaurant in California that served coconut shrimp tacos and I was surprised at how delicious I thought they were. So then I started trying to make them at home and they weren’t quite as good as the ones in Cali, but they were pretty freaking good. Screen Shot 2015-05-08 at 11.25.34 AM


Friday Favorites

It’s Friday.



This may have been featured on a previous FF, but we love it. Dexter is a Showtime (or is it hbo??) series about Dexter who is a blood splatter analyst by day, serial killer by night. There is nothing not to love about that.

Christmas Lights


This is a recent favorite. Today, the 23rd day of our advent calendar, the kids opened an envelope that said, “Let’s go on a ride to see the Christmas lights.” They were so excited. We left Charlotte and Daddy at home and the 3 big kids and I picked up Lala, went to get some hot chocolate, and we checked out some lights. It was so much fun.



How embarrassing is it to say the brand of these tiny oranges? Even though the name of them is ridiculous, I love the little buggers. Alice loves them, Maria loves them, and there is nothing more satisfying than peeling an entire cutie in one piece. ONE PIECE!!

Tamarack Cellars Firehouse Red

tamarack cellars

I’m not really a wine expert (not really? Try not even close.) but my friend Hailey (she also basically runs the hospital, used to run the city, and is totally fashion) knows about wine and gave this to me for Christmas. We had it tonight and it was nice.

Ben and Jerry’s Cookbook


Homemade icecream is the best. Especially homemade chocolate Reese’s.

Phil and Ted’s Highchair Thingy


CHarlotte is finally ready to start using this. Well, she will be in about 3 lbs. We love our Phil and Ted’s highchair. Super compact and easy to use. We love Phil and Ted’s, period.

Girl’s Doodle Book


Maria has the best imagination. I’m not kidding — she started writing books when she was tiny (well, I wrote them, she just dictated what was to be written), my favorite being about vampires and squirrels. This book is so great because it gives drawing prompts. Something like, “Draw what you think would be the best birthday cake ever.” There are TONS of these types of prompts with the beginnings of a picture drawn out, she just creatively finishes it.




Mine is red and better than this. Cenone got it for me for Christmas and I’m in love with it. Because…..well, because nice matters.


Christmas is in 2 days.  We are bursting with excitement over here, we can hardly stand it.  Josh and Liisa come tomorrow and the kids are ecstatic.  I guess I am too…just a little.


Friday Favorites


Kenra Hairspray

I judge hair products on how good they smell. This smells fantastic.

Stila concealer

Stila is my favorite brand. The lipglosses are perfectly glossy with a touch of color. The foundation is light but creamy. And the concealer? It covers up adorable blemishes that seem to creep up on me all. the. time. I often just wear the concealer and skip the foundation part of my routine altogether. And you thought this flawless face was natural…..


Family Fun Magazine

I love a good magazine. There are few daily joys as wonderful as receiving a magazine in the mail. Children’s laughs, your baby’s smile, and magazines in the mailbox.

A Wall Full of Christmas Cards



A totally adorable and easy way to remember your baby’s first day. I am that new mom who brings clothes to the hospital with me. No fewer than 4 outfits. I heard, “Oh, you won’t use them, you’ll just want to use the hospitals onesies, they’re easier.” Uhhhhh do you know me? My babies wore their own clothes in the hospital which is one reason why I have adorable pictures of them — nothing is cuter than a colorful onesie and a matching hat. Put it in a shadowbox with the impossibly tiny bracelet and a photo and you’re golden.

Sprout Baby Food

Charlotte is partial to the roasted bananas with rice. She gobbles em up.


Llama LLama


We love Llama Llama books at our house. My favorite is Llama Llama Misses Mama but that’s probably only because it has Mama in the title and I’m a sucker for kids who call their mamas by that name. But they are all good. Perfect for storytime before bed.


I have a friend named Lindsay. She’s an internet friend which sounds so weird and fake and totally not me….but I read her blog once and decided we were gonna be friends. If we ever get the chance to have a real-life playdate, I’d be thrilled. Her girls are beyond adorable, she is the sweetest mama and her photos are so dreamy. Yep, dreamy. Her blog is right here.

We’re off for birthday dinner for my aunt.  My other aunt and uncle are in town, so it’s pretty much a party.  Hope you have a birthday-party type weekend, too!