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He’s eight.week3-88


He’s the most unique little boy I’ve had the luck to meet. And I’m even luckier because he’s mine.

He doesn’t care about sports or being the best at anything. He’d rather read than wrestle and play Legos than football. He isn’t easily impressed but he’s easily interested. He’s curious about the world and what people do it in – the things they make, the things they discover. He can tell you what empire invented fast food and who graham crackers were named after.

He doesn’t like blue pants (jeans) and prefers comfy clothes. He’s not concerned with looks. Evidence: he loves his Star Wars crocs.

Not caring about looks is good, because look at how beautiful he is…we wouldn’t want it getting to his head:week3-94

He has few friends and those he does have, he loves with his entire heart. He gives them his full attention when he’s with them, he compliments them to the moon and back and thinks they are about as great as gold. To have Jamie as a friend is a pretty special thing.

He’s our only boy and we were blessed with a boy who is soft and sweet. Although he sometimes has trouble knowing what to do in some situations, he always tries really hard. He greets people with a hello and sends them off with a good-bye. He says thank you and works hard at finding the right words for the right situations and that makes us really proud. He is not perfect, but he is perfectly Jamie and we wouldn’t want it any differently.

Happy Birthday to our favorite boy.