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Cannon Beach: Thanksgiving

This Thanksgiving we took a little time out. Dan and I have both been going and going and going. I’ve been out of town more often than I ever have been in the last few months and we have meetings or commitments almost every single night of the week, not exaggerating. We normally host Thanksgiving and I never mind it. I like being busy with something fun: getting a table decorated, planning food, arranging seats, that kind of thing.

Since starting work (I go in four days a week after I drop kids off until it’s time to pick them up again) and Green Apple Project as well as other little side things (Inland 360 which you should go check out because Charlotte is front and center, Lego League, Bunco, etc) I find myself not having a lot of downtime.

Before you think I’m complaining, you should know something. When I have too much downtown, I start to worry. I obsess over things, I get extremely anxious, and it’s not healthy for me. I need to be busy in order to stay sane and I’m only 1/4 kidding.

Sometimes, though, a time out is necessary so this year we took our time out at the beach.


It wasn’t beautiful like this every day. Actually, it poured buckets most of the time, but that didn’t stop us from enjoying every second of it. We took (wet) walks on the beach, gathered seashells, and cozied up in our hotel room.

The kids were so good. They watched DVDs in the car on the way over and got along while we were there. We really lucked out with them when it comes to traveling. I suppose they finally realized we like to always do adventures so there is no sense fighting it.

But they even let me take photos of them and cooperated beautifully.

My love for Hanna jams runs deep.


My parents were there and so was Josh. Tracy and Nate and Abbey joined in, too, so it was basically the best time ever.


I vote for ocean Thanksgiving every year.



The Snake

We are really lucky that we have a boat available to us in the summers. We live on a river, it gets hot as hell and sometimes you just wanna get out there! We’ve been really reluctant the last few years to take it out, having so many kids and all. But last night, as the temp reached over 100 degrees, we said, “To hell with it, we’re packing these monsters up and giving it a whirl.”

And we did.


When Danny got off work, we slipped out of our clothes and into swimsuits and grabbed some towels, some snacks, some lifejackets and went out on the Snake River.

The kids were SO GOOD. They sat, they listened, they were safe, and we didn’t have to worry once. We stopped a couple times to jump in and swim and then headed further upriver to a beach.


The views in Hell’s Canyon are incredible.


The sky was clear, it was hot, and everything was perfect for a trip to the beach.

Even mama took part in the fun. I mean, after posing for a ridiculous, cliche, ‘standing on a beach making my legs look as tan as possible’ photo. Duh.


The kids ran wild and laughed and swam and had the best time ever.


We left with a promise to come back soon — and we’re making good on our promise and are heading out again tomorrow.


Happy Saturday!


We made it out again. Friday afternoon we said, “See ya later,” and packed up the kids, Scout, and some snacks for the road and left for McCall. It was exactly what we needed to reset. I think it’s really easy to forget how slow and non-urgent life can be when you’re away from the every day, even if that just means driving a few hours. We were away from laundry and away from house clutter. Work didn’t need us and all our other commitments were put on hold. We had the mountains and the lake and our McCall friends and it was perfect.

Huckleberries are out and we happen to have friends who don’t mind sharing their secret (not-so-secret now) spot.

If you’ve never been huckleberry picking, you won’t know that these gems…


…take forever and a day to pick. The berries are soft and delicate so you have to be careful when you pick. They break apart easily and, just like the picture, they rarely pop up in huge clumps. They stand alone so you have to pick them each individually. We managed to pick for a couple hours and got a gallon bag full.

Some ate more than they picked.


And some just hitched a ride.


But it’s cool because being in the mountains and letting the kids roam and explore was perfect. And we scored, too.


And of course no trip (to any location) would be complete without a trip to the skatepark.


Our McCall friends are skaters, too.


(is Little Alice the cutest or what?)MmcallJuly-218

We’re so lucky that our kids get along so well with their kids. We’re missing Little Alice and Jamie in this picture, unfortunately, but you get the idea. They laugh and play the whole time they’re together and it’s perfect.


We managed to get out Saturday night and have dinner with Josh and Alexa while the big girls babysat. We enjoyed (t00 many) beverages and popped over to Jared and Audrey’s and hung for a bit before going back to the little monsters. The next day we scoped out some potential property options then headed to the river.

This spot was incredible and is now our new favorite.


The water was shallow the entire width of the river with virtually no current so the kids could walk across and back over and over and over without any worry.


We found frogs and tadpoles and baby fish.

We even found a snake.


We were surrounded by wild and the kids could feel the magic.


But today we’re back to our every day, which is okay. It’s hard to appreciate the wild when you don’t know the calm and mundane.

Maria has ballet intensive this week and we have a couple work things and kid’s camp. I should probably do some laundry and clean. I might con my neighbor into some drinks. Busy, busy week.

Happy Monday!

Hawaii: Part One

Our journey from the mainland to the islands (as you can see, I’m adjusting to the local lingo quite seamlessly) was easy and uneventful and we started our vacation with a day trip to the Hyatt in Poipu for breakfast followed by a trip to a beach I found online.

Let me tell you about this drive to the beach.

It not only took forever, it was also the bumpiest most uncomfortable car ride I’ve ever been on and that includes our cruiser run at the Overland rally. So when we got there I crossed my fingers it was worth it.

Oh, it was worth it.


Even when it started to rain it was beautiful.


We were the only ones there for about an hour. It was definitely a bit of a hike from where we parked to get to where we ended up.


I think I said, “This is just so beautiful,” at least 20 times.


When the rain became a downpour we packed it up and headed back. We ended up going to a hotel restaurant that had good reviews but that we didn’t think was very good. We were exhausted and had an early night which is good because the next day was Dusty and Aimee’s wedding and we wanted to be all in for that.

The wedding was incredibly beautiful. The flowers? Ah, just look at them. The venue was gorgeous, the details were perfect and we got to hang out with some pretty cherry peeps. I drank all night and didn’t feel a damn thing until we were 1/2 way from the tent back to our cottage when




It hit me. I climbed in bed and was OUT. I couldn’t even watch an episode of Bloodline which says a lot. But let’s get back to the wedding and how we were both so honored to have been included and thankful that we were able to celebrate one of our most genuine and best friends and his lovely wife who is just a perfect match for him. 3 cheers and….hip hip HOORAY, hip hip HOORAY, hip hip HOORAY!


Then this morning we woke up and hopped on a plane to Oahu. We are jet setters like that, no big deal.

We landed in Honolulu and immediately needed some food to help fight off the hangover monster (just kidding, I don’t get hungover) so we went to a local bakery and ate Loco Moco which happens to be one of my favorite meals. It’s rice with a hamburger patty, brown gravy, and a fried egg on top. So delicious. Then we headed to our dump of an AirBnB we found on the internet….



That is directly outside our house. It’s a studio apartment type house that has two walls that open up. I’m sitting here listening to the waves as I type, actually. If you walk 5 steps, you’re on the sand and if you walk 10 steps you’re at picture #1. The owner is a pro surfer and his father in law Carlos runs the property and they are pretty great people.

Again with my love of board sport people. They’re the best, I’m telling you. One day you will all catch on and wonder why you didn’t listen to me before.

But here, look at the view from my bed (and don’t fret, I’m wearing shorts in the picture although it does look a little inapprop, I’ll admit.)


Oh, that’s the sun. It’s setting. I watched the sun set from my freaking bed. I’m sorry, I can’t go back to real life now.  And I’m never sharing this AirBnB with anyone because I’m keeping it to myself. That’s the kind of person this fantasy life in Hawaii has turned me in to.

Tonight, after a pretty solid game of hacky-sac (how do you spell that?) with a tenant who lives on the property (that’s what Carlos called him) whose name is Andy but who Dan kept calling Krona and was later corrected with, “actually that’s my cat’s name,” Danny is reading a book on the porch while I’m sitting here doing this and tomorrow we’re probably going to just beach bum it.

Hope all you suckers have a good Monday.