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Hospital Bag: Baby Edition

I will admit that I overpack with silly stuff.

I am indecisive when it comes to outfits and accessories. Will I feel like putting her in a snap up one piece or a pants and top? What about headbands? Maybe I won’t put any on her at all, but if I do, I’ll need one for every outfit and photo op…and you guys, that’s a lot.

So when it comes to the frivolous, “it doesn’t really matter” items to pack, I’m a pro. She has everything under the sun, plus some. The truth is, a baby needs very little in her first days at the hospital. Like…virtually nothing. Here is Francesca’s bag:

(for the actual bag itself, I use the “Wistful Weekender” from Petunia Pickle Bottom. It’s the perfect size, I don’t have to go digging in a million pockets to find what I want, and it’s big enough that when it’s time to go home, i can throw extra odds and ends in there. Read: mesh underwear.)







Going home outfit:


I’m a fan of the going home outfit. With my babies, I save each outfit and put it in a shadow box along with things from their stay: the tiny blood pressure cuff, the first bottle of baby shampoo, their hospital bracelets, etc. I don’t always spend forever looking and it’s never anything fancy, but it has to be functional. Basically, the baby has to be able to be buckled up in a carseat wearing the outfit. You might think this is a no-brainer, but those little gowns are a nightmare in the carseat. Sure, you can bunch the gown up around the baby’s waist but does that look comfortable? And it’s cold. Because even if you put a blanket on the baby (duh), there will probably be someone (*cough* toddler *cough*) who will want to inspect that baby’s entire body, right down to the toes. That blanket lasts all of 2 minutes.

Francesca’s outfit is from Child Hoods. I’m in love with this adorable Etsy shop. My first Child Hoods purchase was when Charlotte was little — a lace overlay sweatshirt and a dress. The fabric is crazy soft and comfortable and a tiny baby in a hoodie and sweats? YES!


Other outfits:


I always pack more outfits than I need for the new baby for the hospital stay. I’d rather her wear her own soft and comfy clothes than a hospital onesie and swaddle blanket. Pictures are a lot cuter this way, too….


The Pajamas:


It’s a tradition that when I have a new baby and all the kids come to see her together, it is in the evening and they are all wearing matching pjs. Because, obviously, it’s the most adorable thing in the universe. They are always Hanna Anderrson, they are always a gift from my mom, and they always have to be boy-friendly because I wouldn’t make Jamie wear pink. I’m a nice mom, you guys. This year, we went with an orange and blue combo, easily made girly with a coordinating bow.

All the little girls also have their own deedee. Charlotte stole the one that was supposed to be for Olive when she was born and got so attached that she cries when it’s not in sight. Olive has observed Charlotte and how she treats hers, so now she must also have a deedee. My mom and I figured that Francesca should probably also have her own, so blue it is. These are ridiculously soft and comfortable. See here.

Wipes and swaddler:



I despise the wipes they give you at the hospital. You have to wet them down before they are functional and they are itchy and don’t smell good. But Mustela is pretty much the best and I would rather wipe that tiny bottom with these, so I pack some. I also pack an extra swaddle blanket or two (aden + anais). I was spoiled once with the bamboo version instead of the muslin version and I’m afraid I just can’t go back.



A girl needs accessories, so I usually pack several bows and headbands. We will see if Franci likes pacifiers (her sisters and brother never did) so I packed one just in case. Annnnnd a comb. MOST of my babies have lots of hair with Ollie being the exception. With lots of hair comes lots of grease, so I am constantly washing baby hair. It’s a bit of an obsession, but baby shampoo in on a new baby head just smells so good!

There is Francesca’s bag! It’s all, really, things we could live without. But packing and repacking (and repacking and repacking) her bag makes the days go by just a little bit faster.