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L8er Sk8er


I used to type that to Danny in high school. “L8er Sk8er.”

Because I was cool.

But there’s a new cool kid in town and she goes by the name of Alice Maureen. And boy howdy is this kid cool.


She hasn’t always been a skater. She was afraid for a long time and just this year it seemed to become her favorite thing and I must say, she’s a natural.


She isn’t afraid to try any of the bigger things and she is learning more and more with each trip to the park. She falls but gets right back up. She gets scrapes and bruises but has decided that’s just part of the skate life.

This girl needs some sponsors.


I predict that by the end of the summer, she’ll be dropping in off coping and will get her ollie perfected. I think she’s gonna be such a badass skater girl that boys will be asking for her autograph before she can drive.




The Longest School Year in the Entire History of the Universe


This year was simultaneously the hardest and the best year we’ve had yet with the kids. We had lots and lots of rough patches when it came to school but we figured it out and the day we did, the year turned into something wonderful. We had great times during those rough patches – family getaways and playing with friends. Fun school outings and lovely get-togethers. Each great period of time has hard times, too, but we have learned that sometimes hard changes are necessary to discover what’s really best for us.


Our school year is over today and here’s what’s happened:

  • Alice learned to read! She loves reading and the pride that washes over her face when she finishes a sentence and an entire book is the best.
  • Jamie has spent time with an aide at school and has been so busy with different projects. His creativity has been encouraged and he comes home with stories and hilarious crafts he’s made. His time in the classroom is good and we’ve seen great things happening for him.
  • Maria has made some really great friends at Asotin and that time of ‘mean girl’ stuff seems to be over thank goodness! She has pointe shoes and in her life, that’s the best thing that could ever happen – EVER.
  • Charlotte is gearing up for Kindergarten and is trying to keep up with Alice when it comes to reading and math. She’s pretty good at spelling “play-doh” on Youtube….Lord help us.
  • Ollie continues to be the happy sprite.
  • Franci has turned into the sassiest sass monster you could ever imagine.

So what have we learned? When things are really hard, that doesn’t mean they weren’t worth it. Our time at the old school was absolutely worth the time spent. We made friends there and so did the kids. They got to do fun activities and their education got a really great start. We learned, too, that change is necessary sometimes to keep kids on that path where they thrive. Jamie was finding it hard to keep his curiosity sparked and his brain busy.. It took lots of sleepless nights and tears until we discovered that maybe changing things up was what we needed to do. We left our comfortable bubble and did it and now we have a new comfortable bubble. Funny how that works sometimes, yeah?

This summer we have huge things planned.

Just kidding. It’ll probably just be full of lemonade stands and slip n slides and swimming and bike rides and escaping the heat with inside TV time. No shame in my game.

Happy Summer!


Hey, Alice! (How’s that taste?)



Me: Alice, I didn’t know you liked cinnamon rolls? You’ve never eaten one before.

Alice: Oh, yeah. Well…I do. Ya know, I just had a birthday. And, ya know, each time you have a birthday your taste buds change.

Me: Oh yeah?

Alice: Yeah. So, like, you start to like different foods that you didn’t like before. Like cinnamon rolls.

Me: What else? Did you start to like anything else?

Alice: Yeah. At school. Last week I ate some broccoli.


Alice Maureen. I’m not sure the name could fit her any more perfectly.

Today she’s seven.

My second girl and I had no idea what I was in for.


I had no idea two girls from the same family could be SO DIFFERENT from one another. But Alice is her own soul and she doesn’t try to be anything she’s not.

She came at night, awfully quickly from what I remember. Like all of them, I was instantly in love.

But how could I not be? She had so much hair and the sweetest little face. I think she weighed 7lbs 4oz and she fit perfectly in my arms. She was an easy baby and an easy toddler and she’s a pretty great kid.


She’s not a big talker, but when she talks, you should listen: she has a lot to say. Most of the time, it’s hilarious. A lot of the time, it’s incredibly sweet and thoughtful.

She doesn’t say anything unless she’s thought a lot about it.

She lacks confidence and is unsure a lot. She’s shy and uncomfortable. But oh my, she’s a beautiful friend. She’s an incredible sister and one of the best playmates ever. She plays pretend better than anyone I know. She’s also pretty good at video games and would challenge you in a second.

She has the most beautiful eyes in a really incredible shade of green. Her lips are perfect and that hair — the hair she refuses to let me do anything with is just the best. She still sucks her thumb and she still sleeps in our bed. She’s soft and gets her feelings hurt easily and seeing her big puppy eyes when she’s sad can break you. She’s curious and inventive. She’s fun and she’s hilarious. She’s smart and silly.

She has taught me that even if something looks a certain way, what lives inside might look a lot different. She’s taught me to listen closely when children speak, because even if it’s hard to hear or understand, it’s worth knowing.

Without our Alice, our lives wouldn’t be quite as exciting. We wouldn’t laugh quite as much and we probably wouldn’t think of sweet treats as often, either. We are so happy Alice is ours.


Happy Happy Day, sweetest girl.

Hey, Alice!


Alice: “Well, I was thinking about maybe being one of those guys who makes Minecraft videos and then puts ’em up on YouTube. I’ll probably start when I’m, like, six or something. And I’m six now. So maybe tomorrow.”

Me: “Well I don’t know anything about how to do that, so you’ll have to ask Daddy.”

Alice: “Okay. And I’ll probably have to, ya know, put one of those signs up that says, ‘do not astuhb [do not disturb]’ so that no one is loud or bothers me when I’m doing it. We need, like, a webcam. Do we have one of those? Do you know how to do that?”

Me: “No, Alice. That’s why you need to talk to Daddy about it. And is this going to be your job?”

Alice: “Oh yeah, okay. We probably need also a microphone. Yeah, it’s gonna be a job. I’ll probably be pretty busy doing it. Like after school and on breaks when we don’t have school. Lots of people will want to watch the stuff I put up. I’ll probably make a cupcake land first.”

Would it surprise any of you to learn that Danny thinks this is a brilliant idea? Stay tuned.


What is Perfection?


Perfection is watching you have something that is just yours, and you loving it.

It’s hearing you practice and then hearing you get excited when it sounds just right.

It’s your teacher getting as big a kick out of you as we do, and seeing something in you that we do, too.

Perfection is you as a little pianist.

Dinos and the Formation of the Earth


“So, Mom, did you know that dinos aren’t here anymore because of the eruption? Yeah, a big ‘ol volcano just erupted and so now that’s why there isn’t any dinosaurs here on this earth. Yeah, it happened about 1,000 years ago about. And then did you know that once, this whole planet was water, and then the land just grew out of it? Like…it just growed out of the seas. So this town wasn’t here then. And that was a super long time ago. Like 200 years. No, 300. 4. 600 years. It was 600 years ago.”