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What is Perfection?


Perfection is rummaging through drawers and finding this.

It’s torn from a box of outside hanging lights my grandpa randomly gave to us one Spring…when Alice was new.

My grandma had been gone for 5 years about, I think, and my grandpa’s mental health was not 100%. Add alcohol to the mix and it’s a rough time.

But perfection is knowing that in the mix of all of what was happening inside his head, there was not a doubt that he loved his family. His handwriting was a little shaky, the gift itself was odd and off-the-wall….but he knew he wanted to show us he loved us somehow. And sometimes words don’t come out easily – they’re hard to say and even harder when you can’t even say them to yourself. But he found a way to show us. And years later, I still keep that proof.



What is Perfection?pooloctober

Perfection is an October swim.

It’s 75 degrees, sunny, and a tiny breeze.

It’s swimsuits and bare feet and Papa and Lala’s pool.

Perfection is that first month of Autumn, hands down.


What is Perfection?


Perfection is your lack of style.

It’s your abundance of personality.

It’s the way you stripped down to your undies and put on your new robe the minute I gave it to you in the car.

It’s the way you have worn it every day since…even to school.


What is Perfection?


Perfection is this pair of toddler lips.

It’s when you notice my lips are a little shiny and you come running for a kiss.

It’s you stealing my lip gloss and being so proud of yourself for being so sneaky.

You aren’t sneaky.

But I’ll take your kisses.

They are perfection.


What is Perfection?

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Perfection is each of you getting along.

It’s the big ones playing with the small ones.

It’s one of you seeing another sad and doing something to fix it.

It’s always having a playmate and being happy most of the time.

Perfection is my 1/2 dozen.


What is Perfection?


Perfection is a slow morning.

It’s waking up at 8:30 and staying in jammies until noon.

It’s playing inside with sisters…a slow morning turning into a slow afternoon.

It’s daddy coming home and the slow afternoon turning into a slow evening and night. Dinner outside, swimming.

Not doing much of anything; that’s perfection.