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It’s mid-week (let’s celebrate) and time for What (they) Wore Wednesday!



My kids are between winter/spring wear so we mix and match these days.  Let me tell you something.  When you have kids who don’t wear the same things in the same seasons at the same sizes…new season sales are incredibly appealing.  I hit a couple up so hopefully  we get new duds in the next week or so.

Zara top || American Eagle shorts || Zara shoes


“Jamie.  We need to either cut your hair or you have to let me pin it back.”

“Mom.  Pin it.”

Hello Apparel top || Mini Boden shorts || Kangaroos shoes


Zara top || Tucker and Tate sweater || TJ Maxx shorts || Roxy shoes


Mini Boden jacket || Tucker and Tate shorts (hilarious) || Zulily shoes


Peek Kids shirt || Ruthie Exclusive leggings 🙂 || Freshly Picked moccs


Look.  They are actual, real, require some effort shoes!!  And jeans.  Those aren’t yoga pants!



Here we go, another Wednesday!  Check out what (they) wore.



Maria was originally wearing a Zara dress, but the fabric was a little too itchy so she went and changed into this top Sally gave her for her birthday which she absolutely LOVES.  It totally screams, “9 year old!” doesn’t it?

Macy’s top || Gap jeans || Frye boots


Peek Kids shirt || Gap khakis || Stride Rite shoes


JCrew sweatshirt || TJ Maxx shorts || Aria boots


Gap eyelet tank || Old Navy skinnies || Old Navy loafers



Peek Kids top || Gap ‘skinnies’ || Pediped shoes


I’ve worn yoga pants too many days in a row, you guys.  These yoga leggings are really comfortable and the slippers?  Way too easy to slip on.  Clearly, I’m in a clothing funk.  If you see me out and about, avert your eyes.  I think it might be contagious.

Happy Wednesday!


Just you guys wait until you see the faces of these ragamuffins and the tears coming from their eyes and the dark circles…this morning did NOT treat us well.



Zara dress || Gap skinnies || shoes from Zulily


Kinship Goods tee || Gap khakis || Nike and New Balance kicks (because that’s how he rolls)



Jcrew tee || Greendog jeans || Sketchers shoes


Boden sweater || Old Navy tee || Jcrew shorts || Old Navy shoes


Old Navy jacket || Peek top || Old Navy shorts || Freshly Picked moccs

And I wore some really fun pink pants.  But I didn’t listen to the guy when he said, “Oh, buy 2 sizes smaller than what you normally wear.”  Why didn’t I?  I’ve been pulled into that mean trick before and I go and buy a rather small size thinking they’ll fit me perfectly when really they are way to small and it makes me wonder if I’m actually 2 sizes larger than I’ve been wearing and that makes me really sad and depressed and then I eat a lot of Doritos.  So I didn’t listen to the nice man.

I should have, because these are the stretchiest pants I’ve ever owned.  They are so big.  But whatev.

Oh, and Sanuks are my new favorite.


Happy Wednesday!


Hey, guys, it’s Wednesday again!

Miss M


Epic Threads sweater || Zara top || Hudson jeans || Zulily shoes (you guys — $7.99!!)

Mister Jlibrary-14

Kinship Goods shirt || Costco (unionbay) shorts ||New Balance kicks

Miss Alibrary-10

Jcrew top || Old Navy leggings || Roxy shoes

Miss C


Baby Gap top || Old Navy skinnies || Maria’s boots…..

Miss O


Baby Gap sweatshirt || Baby Gap sweatshirts || Freshly Picked moccs

It’s warming up here for sure — but with a little wind this morning, it wasn’t quite as warm as we’d hoped!  Cross your fingers for warm spring weather that we can actually count on every day!

Happy Wednesday!

A Very Small WthWW

I only had 3 with me today when I was taking pictures, so this will be brief (but oh-so-cute):



This is one of my favorite tees:  Let’s Swim to the Moon.



Today we visited a CSA farm (community supported agriculture….I’ll do a post about that a little later this spring) and got to run around on the property, hold baby chicks, check out some seedlings and spy on llamas.  Not bad, eh?  We also went to the aquatic center, I got 5 loads of laundry put away, I finished season 2 of Scandal on Netflix (I wanna cry that it’s over for me until season 3 is released!) and now Danny’s bbq’ing because we have friends coming over to get spray tans.  Yeah…spray tans.  Because tomorrow I leave with Hailey and Sadie for


I know you guys wanna follow me on my KID-LESS adventure!!  Dude, can you tell I’m excited?  I’m hash tagging my IG pics:


Check it.


Another Wednesday, another W(th)WW post!  But we are down a couple kids you might notice.  Yeah, Maria is out of town on a big adventure and Alice has the dreaded pink eye (sick).  She scowled at me when I asked for a picture.

So here we go:



Peek Kids “Wave Master” crew neck sweatshirt || hello Apparel “kid” tee || Gap khakis


Lemons and Lace headband || Northwest Handmade Goods scarf || MamaCase “best friends” tee || Old Navy skinnies (only $13 right now!)



Lemons and Lace headband || Peek Kids l/s shirt || Mini Boden dress || Pedi Ped shoes

Wanna know what I’m wearing today?  YOu guys, I’m wearing size XL black leggings that are so baggy on me they are disgusting (I bought them when I was 9.5 months pregnant with Charlotte…so imagine exactly what body they fit at that point), a crew neck gross sweatshirt and air-dried hair.  You’re welcome for the visual.