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It’s been far too long since I’ve done a giveaway and they are my very favorite posts! And on a blog like mine, your odds of winning are pretty damn good because I’m not an influencer.

Hold up. Yes, I’m an influencer. I’ve influenced my children to do silly things for the sake of IG posts, I’ve influenced my friends to drink far more than they should and, also, do silly things like sing karaoke and take stupid selfies. So I take that back. I’m one hell of an influencer. But when it comes to people looking to me for great ideas in the world of style and cool, well they’re disappointed. BUT I do like giving things away especially when they’re books.

NAME DROP: My friend Leni Zumas happens to be an incredible writer. Start with her short stories then move on to her novels, her latest being Red Clocks. It’s getting a lot of attention right now especially because it’s set in a too-close-to-home dystopian future where abortion is banned and there are strict rules on IVF and adoption and it’s just a little lot scary given our current situation with our current administration. Gag.


Screen Shot 2019-05-20 at 11.26.05 AM.png

Leni suggested I read Women Talking so, of course, I did. Loved it. Quick summary: it’s about a group of women in a Mennonite community who devise a plan (whether it’s an escape or another option) to stop sexual assaults occurring within their community.

Screen Shot 2019-05-20 at 11.26.30 AM.png

And yet another book you must read is Mother Winter by Sophia Shalmiyev. Her writing is lovely to read, almost poetic, and the story is fascinating and heartbreaking and very well told.

Screen Shot 2019-05-20 at 11.26.18 AM.png


I’m giving away a copy of EACH OF THESE BOOKS to one person! Yes, three books, one winner. All you have to do is comment on this post. Comment whatever you want. Tell me I’m the best, tell me the memes I share on IG are shit, tell me I’m the best influencer in your life, it doesn’t matter what you say, just say something.

Happy Monday!


Teriyaki Beef and Veggies

I’m sharing this not because it’s some amazing thing I’ve discovered and I think I’m basically Smitten Kitchen. No way. I’m sharing this because I’m NOT a good cook and I found something that is so damn easy that you’d have to be a real dud to mess it up. And that kind of thing should be shared.

So first: Get some steak. You guys, I know nothing about steak. I know what brisket is and I know what flank steak is. Show me a london broil (is that a thing?), a roast, a t-bone, or any other cut of beef and I’ll tell you it looks like beef but might be pork because…I know nothing. So basically from Safeway I grabbed one of the pre-cut, pre-packaged steak things with 6 steaks in it. It wasn’t horribly expensive so I know it must not have been top of the line.

So anyway, get the steak. Cut it into strips. Put it in a gallon ziplock with a bottle of teriyaki sauce, whatever is your pleasure. We used Panda Express and it was delicious. Let that marinade for an hour or so.

Buy the pack of stir fry veggies you see next to the pre packaged salads. I added potatoes too. Put them on a baking sheet and drizzle olive oil over them and sprinkle with salt and pepper. Stick em in a 400 degree oven.


Cook the steak strips in a pan over medium high heat until cooked through — just a few minutes each side. Cut into pieces.


Make some white rice.

Watch the veggies – I never time anything I cook (one of the many reasons why I may not be the best cook), I just watch it and when it feels and looks done, I say it is.

There will be saucy juice in the pan after you cook the steak – don’t throw it out. Drizzle it over the steak pieces.

Put it all together into a bowl and HOLY CRAP you’ve just made dinner.


*bow, bow*

Browned Butter Brown Sugar Cookies

These cookies. They’re everything.



They’re gooey and soft and so freaking delicious.


1 3/4 stick butter

1/4 cup white sugar

2 cups dark brown sugar

heaping 2 cups flour

1/2 t baking soda

1/4 t baking powder

1 egg plus 1 yolk

1 T vanilla extract

  1. preheat oven to 350
  2. melt 10 T butter in pan until it starts to brown (whisk constantly). Put it in a bowl with the remaining 4 T butter
  3. whisk together 1/4 C brown sugar, white sugar, flour, baking soda and powder
  4. Add the rest of the brown sugar to the butter mixture and mix, then add egg and yolk plus vanilla.
  5. roll into balls and place on parchment paper on a baking sheet
  6. bake for approximately 12 minutes, or until edges start to darken. The middle will appear to be raw but it will firm up a bit.




(adapted VERY slightly from Dinner then Dessert)

Trivia Night

I love a good friendly competition and trivia at Blackbird Pizza is just that except not always friendly (the vegan team can suck it). I love winning and I knew I had to ask the smartest person in our family to come if I wanted to increase our odds of winning even more. I also had to bribe with pizza and pinball.


Luckily, pizza is his love language and he was all over it. He also knew the answer to a few questions the rest of us didn’t. I wonder what it’s like to be Jamie?

Welcome to the Titanic Swim Team:




Could we have done better? Yes. We could have gotten first place. But instead, Josh messed it up with his lack of knowledge about the number of Native American reservations in the US. Second place we came and to be honest, that was just fine with us.

Passover 2019

This year Jenna and Isaac (our very best Portland friends who we celebrate lots of holidays with) went to the midwest for Passover/Easter so I decided I was going to just do it. I was going to host a Passover seder. Listen, I’ve never hosted one before and it’s not just a “serve dinner and converse” type deal. I went through so many Haggadot to find one that would be appropriate in length for 6 kids but that adults wouldn’t find boring.


I ended up using this one:


You can download it here, actually.

It was perfect for us. To get ready for Passover I forced the kids to watch Shalom Sesame a few times and Prince of Egypt. I got out all our Passover books and during reading time at night, that was what was available. I’m such a mean mom.


We played Spot It! Shalom over and over and we were feeling very Jewish by the time we had to leave for the coast (we celebrated with Papa and Lala and Josh).


I made matzah kugel (gross), matzah crack, brisket (amazing) and my mom made salad and carrots. The table looked beautiful.




The kids had stuff to do during it so they weren’t completely bored but it wasn’t a super lengthy Seder.



Josh hid the afikomen and the kids raced to find it.



Luke found it and got a prize.

Come to find out, matzah is well-liked in our house.


Passover was great.

The next day was Easter and my mom and dad had an egg hunt for the kids. ON THE BEACH.





It was a beautiful day. A little chilly but not cold. The kids had a blast.



We’re so lucky to live so close to the ocean, to my parents and my siblings. We get to celebrate everything with family and it makes things extra special.

Fashion Fridays

Forever ago, I used to document silly but fun things – like my kids’ fashion. Ya know, what they wear. I don’t know why, probably because I spend so much of my damn time looking at kids clothes and we rarely do anything that I feel like it can be a waste of adorable clothes. That makes no sense and it’s so self centered but…aren’t we all a little bit?



Shirt from Ahoy Amigo, skirt from Pepper Kids Co. Necklace is an Ollie original.



This silly romper is Ahoy Amigo. We kinda love them.

The other kids rushed out the door before I could catch them. If we’re being honest, their getups weren’t really that adorable. We’re talking Adidas shorts and tee shirts. Meh.


Happiest of Fridays to you!


(PS, if you follow the link, they send you to the exact item. And no, I’m not getting paid for it or getting free stuff but IF YOU’RE LISTENING, AMAZING SHOPS, I WOULDN’T BE MAD IF I WAS!)

They, Spring Weather and Scooter Tricks

When Luke was Charlotte’s age, he declared to the world he was trans. That he was a boy, his name was Luke, and his new pronouns were he/him/his. He got a haircut and wore exclusively “boy” clothes and his life felt more authentic. Here we are, Spring 2019 with yet another 7 year old – Charlotte.


This sweet babe has declared, like their brother before them, that there needs to be a bit of a change.

We aren’t new.

We have been given a really great gift of acceptance and understanding for what our kids need and we put a lot of trust in them, knowing what they say is authentic and real.


“I’m not really a boy but not really a girl. I’m actually more like both. Kinda more boy but still girl, too.”

And so Charlotte’s new pronouns are “they/them.” You’d think there would be some huge shift and it’d be so hard to have all this happening but it’s not. The kids are much better at remembering their pronouns than I am. I slip up quite often but Charlotte gives me quiet reminders and that’s all I need. Their hair needs help – not their fault. It’s mine. I pretended I was Whitney for a hot second and when they said they needed shorter hair I though, “Hot dog, here we go. GO GET THE ELECTRIC RAZOR!” and shit fell apart. So give it a few weeks and it’ll actually look good.

They’re so beautiful aren’t they?

Speaking of beautiful, this Spring weather is magic. It’s perfect. It’s just over 70* right now and sending the kids out to play has made my life so much better.

I had a hysterectomy a couple weeks ago (that’s another future blog post titled: Mental illness and the need for everything to be removed from my body) so I’ve been needing to take it easy and the sunshine makes it easier.

The scooter tricks, my friends. The scooter tricks have returned.


The sass remains.



(I’m going easy on myself if you can’t tell. My pictures aren’t perfect. They’re blurry in places I don’t want them to be blurry and the lighting isn’t perfect. This is a gift I’m giving myself. The gift of not trying so hard to be perfect. It’s taken me so long to realize how important that is in order for me to be calm and content. So for this blog, these pictures, it’s changing a bit. I mean, not as if my photos were perfect before, duh, but I stressed over them far too much.)


Happiest Spring!