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My kids just being themselves – playing, being silly

Our Electronics Detox

Do I think my children are perfect?

They are beautiful.  They are curious and intelligent and hysterical.  They are fun and sweet and compassionate.  Their eyes are mesmerizing and their voices make my ears happy.

But let me tell you something.  They are not perfect.

And it’s all because we aren’t perfect as parents.

Dan and I fell into the electronic trap. You know, that really appealing alone time. The 30 minutes you have alone to just sit. No kids asking for a snack or asking for a hot pink marker not the small kind the big kind and not too pink but just a little pink.  questions like that. Little by little, we gave our kids electronic privileges.  At first, it was that 30 minutes I was talking about.

“Okay, you guys can watch 1 episode of “Phineus and Ferb,” that’s it.”  That time was gold.

But we got a little greedy and 30 minutes after that statement, those kids were running upstairs and wanting more.

It takes a lot of effort to stand your ground.  We all know I’m lazy. After that 1 episode came 30 minutes of video games.  “But that’s it!”

It wasn’t it.

They’d extend it themselves and even though I knew, I wouldn’t do anything because it was so freaking quiet.  Oh, right…because they weren’t playing.  They weren’t laughing and pretending and squealing with delight as they chased and chased and chased.  The bikes were parked and the crayons were put away and I hadn’t seen a home made book for days.

Jamie started having issues in school.  I know it wasn’t solely from electronics, but I do think that because he would close himself off every day after school and play Mine Craft and watch Legos, he wasn’t getting practice in how to be respectful and how to interact with other kids politely and how to respond when asked a question or being told what to do.  Of all my children, Jamie is the one who needs the most practice with this. For him, it doesn’t come naturally to think about a thoughtful response and change his voice to reflect his emotions.  He’s monotone and many times it comes across as very rude and disrespectful.  He asks, “Why?!” without even thinking and that’s not appropriate when your teacher asks you to do a task and that’s your response.

So….we implemented the Electronic Detox.  Oooooh Jamie hated us.  His first few days were “the worst days ever!”  He was “sooooo bored and nothing is fun!”  But ya know what?  He got on his bike and spent hours outside with his sisters.  He explored the backyard and found sticks that turned into swords and he and Alice had some friendly battles. He wrote some comics and illustrated some hilarious stories.  He read and read and read and it was easier for him to fall asleep. We are on day 9 and he hasn’t asked to watch tv or play the computer for days.

It’s been work for me.  My house is less clean because the kids are always playing and messing it up.  But, uhh…..duh, right?  That’s what kids do. I’ve remembered the mom I want to be and the type of humans I want to raise and we’re coming back around to it. That’s the best feeling in the world, especially when you start out as a parent with incredibly big goals for your kittens. When you start out as strict and deliberate, it’s an awful feeling to slowly drop that. But to get that feeling back and feel like you’re back on track with your intentions means you’re doing things right again.

My kids no longer watch tv after school and on weekends, they watch 1 movie at night.  There are no video games at the moment (the consoles are literally in our room in a drawer) and the computers are password protected. Eventually, maybe they’ll go back to having privileges here and there, but for now?  It’s good for us. And it’s been amazing for Jamie.

Happy Friday!



Sometimes even when you want to finish up the laundry that is scowling at you from behind the door, when you want to finish wiping down the countertops or when you just wanna sit down and do nothing for more than 90 seconds, an adorable long haired little girl comes up and says


And if you aren’t used to that kind of talk, you might not know what she said.  But luckily I’m not new to it and I knew that she was saying, “Hi Mama I was thinking if we have any of those, like, empty stuff — like cereal boxes?”

And since one of my Lenten promises is to give my kids more undivided attention I figured I might as well start by searching for empty stuff.

Alice and I scoured the house for empty boxes and containers and tubes and anything that looked really useful and glue-able.

kitchen-1 kitchen-3 kitchen-4

About 80% of those items were on top of our washer and dryer — things found in pockets, empty detergent containers, etc.  Oh, and that prescription bottle is an old empty one from our dogs.  Just an FYI.

“Mom.  I wanna make a robot.”

So for a solid 50 minutes we glued.

kitchen-10 kitchen-13

And we colored.

And we

And we

Obviously, the robot’s name is Taxi.  I think that’s clear.

And had I known just how happy and excited my 4 year old would be to create this horrific junky robot….I may  have started Alice-led arts and crafts long before today.

kitchen-22 kitchen-26 kitchen-31

Valentine’s Day (and how you should celebrate)

Happy Valentine’s Day!

The Prasils never miss a chance to dress up.  Valentine’s Day definitely calls for reds and pinks and hearts and bows and love and hugs and kisses.

We delivered.

vday'14-1 vday'14-3 vday'14-8

Find a happier bunch than this.  A group of siblings who love each other and really are each others’ best friends and when I ask for a silly picture all together, they don’t mess around.  Or they do.  However you wanna look at it, I guess.


So here’s the thing.

Buck up.

You don’t have a ‘valentine?’  Find one.

Know who else doesn’t have a valentine?  She’s single, doesn’t even have a boyfriend for this Valentine’s Day!

Maria.  vday'14-15

Oh, and Jamie.


Alice, she doesn’t have a Valentine either.


Neither does Charlotte or Olive.

But they’re loving today.  They are loving dressing up in red and have worked hard on their gifts for their friends.  Maria made us breakfast in bed (dude, Eggo waffles.  delicious.) and Jamie said, “I love you mom, thanks for this wonderful day.” I mean, it was completely monotone, but he meant it.

Walk into any elementary school today and you’ll see more proof that you don’t need to have a boyfriend or a girlfriend to love and to have a really great Valentine’s Day.

Find a friend you love.  Find 5 friends you love.  Cut hearts out of construction paper and glue them to a card.  Text your bff a hilarious meme and laugh together.  Call your mama and tell her you love her.

Or celebrate Alice style.  Run and run and laugh and don’t stop.
vday'14-18 vday'14-33 vday'14-34

Happy Valentine’s Day.  


Snow Day

We don’t get snow days very often here.  Maybe once a year there will be enough snow for the kids to make a small snowman, but it’s always gone by day 2 at the latest.  But this year?  It’s obviously the beginning of the end.  Of time.  You know….the apocalypse.  Because this shit is cray cray.

Oops, I forgot to talk like a normal person.

The snow that has fallen is ridiculous.  We have 8″ on the ground.  8 FREAKING INCHES!!!   And thank goodness it happened on the weekend so Danny could get in it and play with the kids.  Because mama does not love the cold wet stuff.

I hide.  Like this.

I hide. Like this.

But Danny was born for the snow.  This guy would spend every one of his days snowboarding if he could.  So he actually enjoys taking the kittens out to play.  He’s a good one.

snowday14-35We loaded up the kids.  And their gear.  And a change of clothes for each of them (I have learned that you can never be too prepared when it comes to children getting cold and wet).  Then we loaded up sleds and my camera and we headed to the country club — the same place I went to sled when I was a kid.  Probably because it’s the bombest hill.  Like…super steep.


We attached the little camera to a ski pole and Maria held it and filmed herself as she was riding down.  Hysterical.


The kids had the best time.  Charlotte spent the whole time at the top of the hill, yelling orders to “the guys” below.

snowday14-31 snowday14-57Alice made a couple runs down — but was unimpressed by the temperature of the snow.


{this girl cracks me up}

Olive was a perfect baby (uhh…duh) and hung out in the car because it’s just too cold out there for a non-walking baby to sit around.


And here’s the thing about sledding: it’s all fun and games until the walk back up.  And then it sucks.

snowday14-74 snowday14-77 snowday14-82 snowday14-86But sometimes you have a daddy who is sweet enough to rescue you each time.

And other times…you are just a good sport and walk your own body up yourself.


There was not one complaint from this boy all day long.


He rode down and walked back up.  He fell over and over and face planted in the snow a couple times and each time, he got up laughing.  And seeing this boy so happy and smiling and laughing makes me full of all kinds of happy feelings.

This boy. snowday14-130

And Maria…well Maria is always happy.  She doesn’t complain and she has fun no matter what.  *sigh* Wouldn’t it be great to be like that?


And while Maria and Jamie didn’t complain one bit, this one was full of it.

snowday14-63But we all expected that.

Happy Snow Day, friends!


It’s Fashion Friday.  Really, I can do this with any day.  “Stylish Sunday”…. “Trendy Tuesday”….”What I Wore Wednesday”….because I’m freaking clever you guys.

But these kittens of mine are totally fashion and it’d be a crime not to document it now and again.  And again.  And again.

It’s my blog, I’ll do what I want.

Let’s just get on with it, shall we?

Maria rocked the beardie.  It’s Danny’s but she gut rolled when she saw it.  And then I gut rolled when I saw her wearing it.  This kid is hilarious.

program-13 program-15 program-16

The Little Kitten.  The sassy one.  The one who will hiss at you if you look at her wrong.


She is so hysterical.  The best.

program-23 program-24

And she’s taking over for Alice in the role of “sassiest Prasil.”  Alice is growing out of her sass and is just funny and sweet now.

program-29 program-34

Oh, what’s that?  You guys are just DYING to know what I wore today?  Okay, okay, calm down.

I did the ‘ol gold sparkle legging/sweatshirt combo.program-38


(if you guys think that doesn’t quite look like me, well you’re right.  its not me.  it’s the product shot from Hello.  Go visit them because they’re having a 25% off sale NOW!)

I know I nailed my look because 3 different 4-year-olds told me they liked my shiny pants.


Happy Friday!

(the boy didn’t want his picture taken.  and the baby was in the car.  3 out of 5 is a win.)

Ten Months

Don’t mind the blurriness of the photos.  Just look at the cuteness of them.


Miss Olive Jane is 10 months old and I don’t think she could get any cuter.  For realsies.  She’s adorable.

-she smiles allllllll the time.

-she army crawls like a pro

-she tries to pull herself up (she’s not there yet, but she wants to be!)

-she claps

-she says, “mama”

-she can clap her hand against her mouth and make noises

-she gives kisses.

She is the sweetest baby on Earth.  She is content and mellow and happy to just be.  She’s beautiful and fair skinned and strawberry blonde headed.  She’s quiet and smiley and easily entertained.  She sucks her hands when she is hungry or sleepy.

She still wakes up a few times a night to snack.  She mainly nurses but eats a little bit of solids here and there in her high chair.

She think Alice is hilarious and gets nervous when Charlotte gets involved.

She falls asleep on the floor at the drop of a hat and takes naps like a champ.

We are still as in love with this beautiful thing as the day we first met her.

Pumpkin Patch

Reason number 5,634 that Papa and Lala are the best:

They plant a whole mess of pumpkins for the kids.

Reason number 5,635 that Papa and Lala are the best:

They invite the entire elementary class over to pick pumpkins!


The kids arrived around 12:00 noon and ate their lunch on the back lawn.

pumpkinpatch-5 pumpkinpatch-11

Some moms are very busy and only have time to call in an order for Paraiso Vallarta take away for their children’s lunches.

pumpkinpatch-13 pumpkinpatch-19

And apparently some wake up just 5 minutes earlier so they can make their children lunch to take to school.  You know what I say to that?  Psh.


The kids had the best time with their friends.  I can say, very proudly, that everyone in their class is a friend to everyone else.  I have not once heard Maria complain or cry or talk about how some girls are mean to others.  How on the playground there was a lot of drama and so-and-so is made at someone and alliances were made.  Nope, none of that this year and I’m so thankful.


(Maria and her very best pal, Anna)

Mr. Matt does does an amazing job with them (so does Miss Ellen, but she’s on maternity leave!) and the kids respect him and think he’s pretty cool.

pumpkinpatch-29 pumpkinpatch-30 pumpkinpatch-35

(Ladies, hands off.  He’s taken.)


(the very best friends in the whole world)

So not only did my dad and mom invite 12 kids over to pick pumpkins, my dad also put together a little presentation about how pumpkins grow, what they look like at each stage, etc.  It was so great!



pumpkinpatch-68 pumpkinpatch-73

He broke a pumpkin open and the kids felt how squishy and gross it was.


And after running and playing and inspecting and feeling and picking, it was time to go back to school.


This is one of the MANY reasons why I love Children’s House Montessori School.  Taking a little fieldtrip to a pumpkin patch is no biggie.  Running around crazy is encouraged.  Getting your hand sticky and gross and messy is okay.

Everyday I think about how lucky I am to have my kids here.