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Oh, you guys.  I didn’t forget.  Except that today is Monday.  Seriously, as I was typing ” I didn’t forget” I realized it was Monday.  And I know that I have a ‘delete’ button on this keyboard and I totally could have played it cool, but ya know what?  It’s a new year and a new me.  I’m real, you guys.

Just kidding, I’m probably totally going to exaggerate to you.  Embellish the crap out of my stories.  But tonight, I’m real.  Let it soak in…

My Selfie Sunday is this:

20 Things I Laugh at on a Regular Basis (in no particular order):

20.  Charlotte.  She is so hilarious.  And when I say hilarious, I mean horribly sassy and bossy.  But she’s so stinking cute that I can’t handle it.  She really, honestly thinks she’s the cat’s meow.  When she tells me, “Mama!  I’m MAD at you!!”  I can’t help but laugh.  And that’s really bad parenting.

19.  Dan.  Because he’s funny.

18.  People’s vague facebook statuses.  “Well, I guess my day can’t get any worse…”  Psh.  I pretend not to care but I REALLY WANNA KNOW WHY YOUR DAY SUCKS.  And then I laugh at myself for wanting to know so badly.

17.  My chickens.  Seriously, I laugh at them all the time.  They are really stupid.  And I don’t know why, but I actually like them.  I don’t like animals.  But they give me eggs.  And they do really funny stuff like twist their necks all around when they look at me and threaten me with funny noises when I reach in to steal my hard earned protein.

16.  Matt Mosman’s facebook statuses.  Because he’s funny.

15.  B.  She’s Charlotte’s bff and I think she might be more hilarious than Charlotte.  That girl is a laugh riot.

14.  My friends.  In a friendly way.  I live for our group chats (wow, I admitted that) and any picture that comes through is guaranteed to get a real life LOL out of me.

13.  Maria.  She’s awesome.  She knows how to be funny and her execution is usually spot on.

12.  Jamie.  He’s so smart and usually catches me in a lie or my own stupidity.

11.  TV.  I told you I lived for group chat with my friends but I lied.  I live for Television.  I get through kids’ lunches, laundry, diaper changes and school pick up just so that 8:00pm can roll around and I can watch Girls, Kenny Powers, Workaholics, Downton Abbey, OITNB, you get the picture.  (get it?  picture?  tv is a picture?….)

10.  Cat memes.  I am not a cat fan.  But there’s something about really fat cats saying ridiculous things that gets me every time.

9.  School drop off and school pick up.  Because people don’t know how to park.  They don’t know how to avoid handicapped spots when they aren’t handicapped and when someone takes my usual spot, I get annoyed.  And then I laugh because it’s freaking SCHOOL DROP OFF.  It doesn’t matter.

8.  Alice.  When she talks, you can’t help but laugh.  Because she’s so adorable.  I love that girl and her missing top teeth.

7.  My obsession with things like kids’ moccasins, j. crew “crewcuts”, Peek Kids and other over-priced kids fashion.  I’m ridiculous.  And we live in Idaho.  And no one is going to offer to be my children’s model agents even though they totally should and you can contact me at …..

6.  My experience with yoga.  I pretend that I’m a yogi.  And every week I tell myself that I’m going to go 5 times.  And every week I’m lucky if I go twice.  And I laugh at myself every week.  Seriously, I do.

5.  Mom competition.  Moms who compete with other moms.  I laugh at it all the time . I see it a lot on Pinterest.  Moms will re-pin other moms pins.  And pretend that it was all their idea.  Moms will hashtag things like #soblessed and #familytime and I think it’s funny because it’s all just for showing off.  Because if it was for yourself, you wouldn’t need to let the world know…. (I’m guilty…uhh, #chroniclesoftheperfectbaby anyone?)

4. Olive.  Because she’s the best baby (see hashtag above).  And she smiles and laughs at the simplest things and I love it.

3. My short-lived hobbies.  Things like making harem pants and felt flower headbands.  I’m ridiculous.

2.  The boulevard.  I laugh at us because we’re FREAKING HYSTERICAL.  Am I right, Leer?

1.  My siblings.  Because we text each other incredibly inappropriate things and laugh our heads off.


Ruthie does a lot of laughing.  My laugh is over-the-top embarrassing, so if you’re out to dinner at a nice restaurant and you’re wondering what that horrible noise is and why that person doesn’t seem to care about appearing horribly inappropriate with that awful laugh…come say hello. It’s probably me.



Selfie Sunday

It’s coming back.  It’s 2014 and this blog is making its comeback.  Oh, what?  You’ve heard that a million times?  Shut it.  2014 is the year of no lies.  Here we go.


Ruthie’s Top 10 Favorite Etsy Shops.  In no particular order. They all tied for 1st.  So I guess it’s the Top Etsy shops.  10 way tie.  Either way…..

10.  Olive and Star.  This girl (Nichole) is pretty rad.  She does 90% of my invites and thank yous for any party we have.  I give her colors I want, a concept or idea I’m going for, and she whips something up.  Her designs are always clean and just the right amount of ‘cute.’  Any time I’ve asked to stay away from “cartoon-y” looking images, she does it no sweat.  Her prices are right on and everything arrives quickly and I’ve never had any errors in my orders.  Ah, I love her.


9. Gingiber.  I’m not a huge animal person, but there’s something about animal art that I really love.  I just said that sentence to myself out loud and then laughed a little bit.  Yeah, it’s a real-life statement.  Her style is very unique and I appreciate that.  A bunch.


8. Opposite of Far.  These masks and tails, you guys.  The BEST dress up for your playroom.  She has a ton of different designs and they are so well made — sign up for her “mask of the month” and you’ll be so happy.  So will your kids.


(you guys, that’s only $16!)

7.  The Printed Palette . I love these peeps.  I bought Sadie’s bachelorette tanks here.  I also bought the kids’ “It’s Awesome Time” tee shirts here.  Oh, and the “One Wild and Precious Life” shirt for Olive.  Maybe a couple tribal print tees and possible a print or 2.  *sigh*


6. Scribbles and Stripes.  Lauren is the sweetest.  She is incredibly generous and might be the cutest pregnant girl ever.  And I want to be her IRL friend.  Oh, and her iPhone cases are pretty rad.  Check it.


5.  Hen and Co.  I really like her greeting cards but what I really love about this shop are the onesie designs.  She had a “Bonjour” onesie and my pretty cool friend Tara was (at the time) pregnant with twins.  I mean, I suppose they could have both received a “bonjour” shirt, but where’s the fun in that?  I told her I loved that onesie, but I wanted 2….but different designs.  She went ahead and threw one together for me that said “au revoir.”  Boom.  And how about one with stacked top hats that says “A Fine Gentleman?”  Why do I think that’s so hilarious?  Oh, cuz it is.  Babies can’t be gentlemen…..


4.  child_HOODS.  Something that I think is awesome along with hilarious:  babies wearing hoodies.  Child Hoods makes the coziest hoodies for babies and toddlers in so many different combinations:  with buttons, without buttons, contrast trim, etc.  She also makes these little fat bows that I kind of love.


3. Inspired by Tess.  First, she lives in Boise.  See?  Totally cool people live in Idaho!  Secondly, maxi skirts for babies and toddlers?  Sign me up.  My very favorite outfit of Alice’s is her purple floral maxi skirt from IbT.  And Olive had so many of these tiny little creations when she was newborn.  They are super soft and comfy and the best when it comes to diaper changes.  Oh, and hysterical.  She also makes skirts for mamas.  I have a couple and I love them.  They fit perfectly and are so comfortable.


2. A Tiny Arrow.  She makes the most whimsical headbands for little girls.  They aren’t the “wear everyday” type you can buy 20 of and still not have enough (oh, please, if you are a mom of a little girl – or 4 – you know exactly what I’m talking about).  A Tiny Arrow makes the kind of headband that you buy because it will make that special outfit look perfect. It’s the accessory you buy for newborn pictures or school concerts or birthdays.  My fave.

2. Jack’s Master.  Remember those puff cigarettes I bought for both my Mad Men party and the Gatsby party?  Well I thought they were genius and awesome.


1. Make Pie Not War.  First, the name of this shop.  Freakin’ adorable.  But the jewelry here is just the best.  It’s sweet and soft and fun and unique.  Oh, and Umba carries it.  Done.  Shuttin’ it down.


Happy Sunday.  And let’s all take a moment to say a quick prayer of thanks that tomorrow is Monday —- the END OF WINTER BREAK!!!!!

Selfie Sunday – 10 obsessions

Oh, hey. It’s been a super hectic week (isn’t every week?!) but now it’s 6:00pm on a Sunday and I’m just now sitting down to blog. Which is stupid because I don’t even really have any pictures to use. And we’d all be lying if we said picture-less blog posts were fun and interesting. They aren’t. They are boring and stupid and I probably lose at least 1 follower every time I only use my words.

I wish I had taken pictures of Maria riding the barrels on Tuesday. She is a cowgirl. She led 8ball around the barrels like she was a pro and she’s starting to lope and it’s all so exciting that she comes home ready to burst.

I also wish I would have taken pictures of the wine sorbet I made (delish), the cran/pinapple/soda/vodka drink I owned last night at dinner with my parents (also delish), or the Arby’s that Danny got me on Friday night to eat at approximately 11:00pm because he’s a badass. Mozzarella sticks are definitely on my top ten fast food favorites. So good. Especially at 11:00pm.

But alas, I took no pictures. So today it’s a Selfie Sunday post.


10. Gatsby. I watched the new Gatsby movie a couple weeks ago and now I’m obsessed. I want to be stick thin and able to rock a 20’s drop waist dress like Daisy.

9. Theme Parties. I have a couple planned for this Fall/Winter and I’m so obsessed with making them perfect and awesome. Here’s a peek:

blog glimpse


8.  Planning a super sweet vacation.  No, we have no plans to go on one any time soon, but I’m secretly planning a 10 day getaway to an amazing location and pretending that someday we’ll be able to just say “$&#*$ it, we’re going.”

7.  “Shutting it down.”  It’s what I say now and it makes no sense and it’s so ridiculous, but it’s my go-to and I’m rocking it.  I even designated an emoticon to use with my friends so I don’t have to type it all out.  Try it, you guys.  Use it when you’re totally over someone or something or a situation.  Shut it down.  When someone is saying something ridiculous and you don’t believe them and you just want them to quit talking?  You gotta shut it down.  You’re SHUTTING IT DOWN!  Bam.

6. Sunday nights.  Because Sunday nights = The Walking Dead and Homeland and Bob’s Burgers and Family Guy.  God is telling us that yes, the sabbath is for him, but that doesn’t mean he gets all the fun.

5.  The amazingly perfect babies next door.  And their names.  Because it doesn’t get any better than Stella and Cleo.  I can’t handle their cuteness.  It takes all I have to limit my visits.  And sometimes I cave.  I scour my house and find tiny things that don’t fit Olive anymore and text my friend and say, “Oh, hey, I have a couple things for the girls that I’m gonna swing by.”  So I walk over and act surprised when it’s suggested I hold them.  “Oh, it’s okay…they’re sleeping….oh, I mean, yeah, I guess they do have to eat at some point, right? haha…”

4. Getting Christmas done.  As in….gift purchasing.  5 kids doesn’t seem so bad until November when you remember that Lego sets cost a pretty penny and American Girl doesn’t come cheap.  This year, I’m wising up.  I’ve already gotten the majority of stockings taken care of and a few of their gifts.  It’s not even Halloween.  Pat, pat.  (I’m patting myself on my back).

3.  Learning another language.  Because it’s a possibility that this amazing vacation I want to go on someday (see #8) is in another land.  And no one wants to be the dummy who can’t communicate, right?

2.  The girls’ Halloween costumes.  Woodland creatures.  The most adorable woodland creatures you’ve ever seen in your entire life.  I threw Jamie a bone this year and let him choose his own.  I realize that being the only boy has to come with some privileges and choosing your Halloween costume 100% on your own is one of them.  (nope, I totally didn’t give my girls 100% choice in theirs.  I let them choose whatever mask/tail set they wanted, but I chose the theme.  Because I’m mean.)

1.  Documenting our days via Instagram.  Honestly, I know, you guys.  How many times do you really wanna see #chroniclesoftheperfectbaby or #alicemaureen or see pictures of Jamie reading or Maria on her horse or Charlotte and her bff?  Secret:  they’re all really for me.  And my mom and dad.  There is nothing better than the end of a season coming up and printing off hundreds of adorable square prints of your babies and then going through them and remembering what was happening that day, where you were, etc.  And someday, they’ll each get boxes and boxes of these perfect square prints and show them to their babies and they’ll love it.  They better.

There.  My Selfie Sunday.

Selfie Sunday

[this is now the 3rd social media platform this photo has been published to.]

My internet was a little wonky yesterday, so here’s my Selfie Sunday, published on a Monday.  Because it’s my blog, y’all, and I’ll do what I want.

My 5 Favorite Things to Reply via Text

(5) “That’s what she said.”  Because it’s always inappropriate and always hilarious.  Sometimes, I act like a 12 year old boy.

(4) “I’m dying.”  In response to a hysterical story told to me by one of my friends.  I only type this if I’m laughing out loud in real life.

(3) “Shut up.” I say this when a story someone tells me is either ridiculous or unbelievable.  Example:  “I’m at Safeway and David Duchovny is checking out next to me.”  “Shut up.”

(2) “AAAAhahahahahahahah!!”  If you know me in real life, you know that I laugh at everything and that my laugh is as annoying as it is loud.  That’s the same for texts.

(1) “lol” — fact:  I’m not always actually laughing when I type this.  Sometimes I’m just smiling, or not even actually smiling, but am just a little amused.  I type it a lot.

You guys learn a little more about me each day Sunday.