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Alice: “Oh, well see, this town was really small and there were too many people. So there weren’t enough houses. So the workers had to build hotels for people to live in. And that’s why some people actually LIVE in hotels. Not just stay there.”

Jamie: “Uhhhh….no…..actually sometimes people live in hotels because they aren’t able to buy a house and that’s the only place they can stay.”

Alice: “Huh.”


The Titanic


“Oh. Well about 1,000 years ago, there was a really big ship and it was going across the ocean. Well the driver couldn’t turn in time and it was super dark and they couldn’t see and they just rammed right into some ice. And it made a little tear and a little leak and the ship started sinking. And about 1,000 people were on it. And some, about 75, got onto some boats and escaped but the rest died when it went under. And know what else? Well there was some music players and they stayed on the sinking ship and kept playing music to make the people calmer. That was nice, huh?”

Super nice.



“Oh, yeah. Vampire bats only get stuff that’s slow. It gets cows. But not humans. Because cows are very slow and don’t go near light. Vampire bats are nocturnal. Because that means that can’t see very good in the light, but they see good at night. And alllllll vampire bats have black eyes. But I have green. The light hurts the eyes of the vampire bats.

Okay. I’m done.”

Hey, Alice….dreams


Sometimes the kids wake up and right away want to tell me about the dream they had the night before. Usually if it has NOTHING to do with anything we’ve talked about in the last 2 minutes, I know it’s legit. (But if I tell them I’m making pancakes and they claim to have dreamt about giant pancakes…I know they’re full of it).  Alice isn’t one to let her siblings one-up her.

Charlotte: “You guys, wanna hear about my dream? I had a dream that me and mama were in Cupcake Wars [this is a show on food network we enjoy] and we made these really really huge cupcakes and a vampire bat came out of them!”

Alice: “Hmmm. Well wanna know my dream?”

Charlotte: “Yes!!”

Alice: “I had a dream we were actually in Cupcake Wars. And I made the biggest cupcake ever. And I won first place. A big trophy. So…did you win a big trophy?”

Alice wins again.

Hey, Alice

It’s Alice’s job to help Charlotte get buckled into her booster when we get in the car. Every single time, I have to remind her. Sometimes, it’s a little bit harder than others because the booster is scooted too close to Ollie’s carseat, Charlotte has deedee in her lap, etc.


“Oh, yeah. Sorry about that. Here, Charlotte, move a little bit. CHARLOTTE!! You have to move if you want me to BUCKLE YOU UP!! Charlotte! Okay, this is hard. Here, just hold on tight. You’ll be fine.”

Safety first.

Hey, Alice: the tank

Everyday we drive past the veteran’s home in our town. And, everyday, one of the kids points out the giant tank out front. I’m going to be honest here and say that I’m not sure if it’s real or not. I should probably know. But I don’t.

But thank God Alice does.


“Oh, Charlotte, that’s the tank from the battle in our town. There was a battle and it happened in the 80’s. And that big tank is from that battle.”

So, I mean, I guess that tank is all we have left from the Valley Battle of the 80s.