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Friday Favorites — A collection of my favorite things. Ever.

Friday Favorites


Oh, hey.  In some parts of the world, it’s still Friday.

(I actually don’t think that’s true at all.  But for the sake of this blog, can we pretend?)

Top 10 Favorite Movies (in no particular order)

10.  Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas — First of all, Johnny Depp is just the best.  I love him. 2ndly, this reminds me so much of highschool and Clay and Danny that I can’t help but be taken back to 2002 every time I watch it.  And that’s not a bad thing.  2002 wasn’t so bad.

9. A Perfect World — I have seen this movie so many times and each time I end it in tears.  It’s about a guy who escapes from jail and he ends up with a little boy as a hostage.  The 2 of them form a relationship and bond and end up really caring about each other…and stuff like that gets me.

8. Beasts of the Southern Wild — I love everything about this movie.  The little girl who plays the main character is amazing.  The way everything was shot is unique and interesting.  The story itself is touching.  It’s just really, really good.  It’s incredibly sad and not uplifting at all — you’ve been warned.

7.  Stoked — you guys, this is my guilty pleasure.  It’s a documentary about a skateboarder (Gator Rigowski) who killed his girlfriend.  I’ve seen it over a dozen times and I seriously love it.

6.  Pan’s Labyrinth — Love it.  It’s magical and intense and sad and action-packed.  It’s in Spanish with English sub-titles and I know that  it’s hard for a lot of people to enjoy sub-titled movies (psh), but it’s worth it.

5. Alice in Wonderland — Because Johnny Depp is awesome, remember?  I don’t know why I love this version so much, but I do.  Probably because I can watch it with my kids and they love it almost as much as I do.  You know those people who make it their mission in life to memorize every single quote about true love or friendship or whatever?  I mean, I think we all know those people who pin stuff like that non-stop….well, I’m the girl who memorizes Alice quotes.  I love ’em.

4.  Dumb and Dumber — Don’t judge me.  I can see you judging me.  Quit it.  I love this movie because it reminds me of Dan every single time.  Every time I see someone drinking a GIANT soda from a gas station, I think of this movie and then I think of Danny.  So here’s the thing: Danny quotes this movie ALL THE TIME.  And he usually quotes it with his best friend (whose name also happens to be Danny, weird).  And I think there is something really sweet and endearing about two 29 year old guys who have been quoting the exact same movie for 17 years….and can go months without talking, but then break out into a texting conversation starting it up with a Dumb and Dumber quote and get it.  I love that.

3.  Pulp Fiction – Everyone in this movie is awesome.  It’s weird and crazy and kind of hard to follow, but it’s awesome and dramatic and full of action.

2. Neverending Story — When you were little, did you ever wear a necklace around your head and say, “Sebastian….Please….CALL MY NAME!!”  No?  hmmm…..

1. The Labyrinth – Speaking of Jennifer Connelly, let’s talk about The Labyrinth.  I mean….seriously?  Best movie ever.  David Bowie.  Jennifer Connelly.  Goblins.  WIth that line up?  Done.

“You remind me of the babe….what babe?….the babe with the power…what power?…the power of voodoo….who do?….you do….do what?….REMIND ME OF THE BABE.”‘

You guys, I could go on and on with Labyrinth quotes but I’ll stop.  You’re welcome.


Friday Favorites


Top 10 Favorite Children’s Shoes

The one thing I do not mind spending more money on is my kids’ shoes.  They are worn everyday no matter what.  They get a LOT of wear.  They are thrown around, drug on bicycles (use your brakes!!!), run through the dirt, wedged in between rocks…you name it.  Needless to say, they need to be really durable.  But I love a good pair of fashion kicks, so they have to be cute, too. Here’s my top 10.

10.  Bloch

They are a bit spendy, but worth it.  I especially like the plain pink ballet shoes — I have them for Olive and they are so sweet and they stay on her feet.  Buy them here.

9.  Sam Edelman

Sam Edelman 'Beatrix' Flat (Toddler, Little Kid & Big Kid)

Just the plain jane Sam Edelmans  for girls.  They wear really well and are comfortable.  Maria has the leopard print ones and she wishes she could wear them everyday.  But if she did, that wouldn’t really be fashion now would it?  Buy them here.

8. Stride Rite

Stride Rite 'Cora' Mary Jane (Toddler & Little Kid) (Online Only)

For everyday shoes, Stride Rite is the way to go.  They are made really well and can stand up to a lot of running, jumping, climbing and the occasional accidental dip in the pool.  Their basic maryjanes are my favorite.  Buy them here. 

7.  Fryes.

Frye Engineer Boot (Toddler)

Yep, the same brand that costs over $200 (usually over $300) for a women’s pair has children’s sizes available for under $100.  I know that’s still a lot of money for shoes that will fit for maybe a year but for us it has been so worth it.  Maria wears hers like cowgirl boots are supposed to be worn.  They are her go-to when she goes for horse lessons, playing in the mud, feeding the chickens or going on any adventure that might be a little messy.  They are functional and fashion.  Boom.  Buy them here.

6. Nikes

Ah, the good ‘ol Nike standby.  They really are the perfect everyday shoe for boys. They are easy to put on (important) and are comfortable, too.  Buy them here.

5. Hunters

Rainboots are a must.  I used to roll my eyes at that, but now I know that if I want my kids’ shoes to last as long as they should and look semi-decent for longer than a month, they should probably avoid mud puddles and soaking rain.  Hunters are awesome – they are durable and cute and keep little toes warm and dry.  Buy them here.

4.  Zara Leather Blucher


I just love these.  My favorite is the brown pair because they go with everything, really.  Charlotte wears hers so often and never complains so they must be comfortable, too.  Buy them here.  (they’re on sale!)

3. Freshly Picked Moccasins

Chrome - Moccasins

For babies and toddlers, these are a must.  They are incredibly soft and easy to put on but the best part is that they stay on.  If you have babies with small feet (both short and narrow) like mine, it’s really hard to find shoes that will stay on those tiny feet.  My favorite is the metallic gold and silver.  Swoon.  Buy them here.

2. Saltwater Sandals

saltwater Yes.  Maria, Alice and Charlotte wear these 75% of the time in the summer.  There are tons of different colors and patterns, they are comfortable, they are sturdy and you can get them wet and dirty and they don’t get gross at all.  They’re good for little boys, too! Buy them here.  

1. MacAlister


Okay, so maybe I’m a little obsessed with MacAlister boots from Crewcuts . But can you blame me?  Look at them.  Maria has the gold glitter pair and they look so stinking cute with skinnies…with dresses…with bloomer shorts and tights….with harems.  I love mixing boyish styles with girly stuff and these are the perfect way to do it.  The good news is that most of them can be worn by boys, too, so if you have kids with the same size feet (like I do) and one is a boy and one is a girl?  Well, you’re golden.  Buy them here. 

Friday Favorites

Yep, it’s that time of the week.  The day that I reveal to you some of my favorite things.  I cannot promise they are all exciting and awesome, but I can promise you that I really actually use or love everything I feature.  That’s enough, right?



Specifically, mini Reese’s blizzards with extra Reese’s. The extra part is key.

The ARTFUL Mandy


I follow her on Instagram and discovered she is very talented, especially in typography. I’m a sucker for awesome lettering. Didn’t know that about me? Now you do. Anyway, her Etsy shop is full of a bunch of her work, and she takes custom orders, too. I ordered Maria something for First Communion and can’t wait to see it.

She also runs The Organic Family blog which she is getting back up and running after a little hiatus. I’m going to be doing a guest post there sometime in the near future so keep your eye out.

Geronimo Stilton

geronimo stilton

This little book series is great. The kids LOVE them. They are pretty easy to read and are really unique in that there are little pictures along with the words…you’ll have to check them out.

Hello Apparel heart leggings

hello heart leggings

Because who can resist a 3 year old with hearts on her knees?

Mushroom Crumb Vacuum


Okay, you guys, this thing rocks. I got it off of Zulily and completely forgot about it until it arrived yesterday (because that’s what happens with Zulily). It’s a handheld vacuum that you run along your countertops before you spray them down to suck up any crumbs. I clean a lot, and I hate it when I’m spraying down countertops and discover I have forgotten to get all the crumbs first.



It’s almost here…

Friday Favorites

Trinomial Cube

trinomial cube

Ok. So there will be more on this in the next post, but watching the kids of Children’s House Montessori complete this trinomial cube was pretty awesome. I also want to purchase one for my home. When I love Montessori materials, you guys, I just dive in.

PS I Adore You


PS I Adore You is an online shop that has a deal every day. But it’s not like Zulily where they are just super cheap every day, run of the mill brands. These are all really cute and unique things that are featured. It’s dangerous because everything is awesome. They teamed up with Hello Apparel (who I love equally as much) to offer these cute t-shirts to help with childhood cancer research. Obviously my children needed one each and so did Bellamy. We have friends who have been affected by childhood cancer, and if we can help the whole cause by buying some adorable t-shirts, we will jump on it.

Imagine Childhood

Imagine Childhood is also an online store. I like online stores. Sue me. Anyway, they have amazing toys for kids. They have outdoor exploration kits, birdwatching books and bird calls, tents and tipis, fairy homes, you name it.

Warm Mist Humidifier


This has been a lifesaver this week. Olive has been stuffy, I’ve been stuffy, so we put this on at night and it helps.

Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe


This YA novel by Benjamin Alire Saenz is wonderful. It’s about 2 teenage boys who meet at the pool one summer and become great friends. Their friendship turns into something more. There’s obviously so much more to the story.

Candy Kirby Designs

candy kirby designs

Candy Kirby Designs sells children’s leggings and blankets. Love.

There you have it, cyber friends. Friday Favorites.

Weekend Favorites

Sailor Knot Headbands


Okay. So I was having a really boho day (boho is, to me, feeling kinda hippie and indie) and decided to whip up some of these headbands. They are so ridiculously easy and I feel so fashion when I wear one a la Nicole Richie.

Chasing Fireflies Fairy Tale Chiffon Dress


Isn’t it beautiful? This is the dress we got Maria for her first communion. I am in love.

Peek Kids “Miracle” tee

miracle shirt

Of course Olive needed this. Every new baby does, really.

Soft Pastels


I’m a little obsessed with this color palette right now. I’m serious, you guys. This spring, I am going to look like a walking ice cream shop….an ice cream shop that only sells pastel colored ice cream. (that made a lot more sense in my head…)

The Pioneer Woman’s Green Bean Casserole


This is what we made for Olive’s baptism dinner and it is so delicious. It’s not THE green bean casserole like Josh likes to point out. It is just a green bean casserole. But does that even matter? It’s so delicious.

The Windi


This is, hands down, the weirdest product I’ve ever purchased for my kids. It’s made by the same company that makes Nose Frida. When your baby has gas, you stick this little end up his/her rear end and it instantly relieves their gas. And let me tell you it works. And it’s awesome.

Friday Favorites

The Honest Company


The Honest Company is my new favorite. For $79.95 a month, I receive 246 diapers and 280 wipes. Delivered to my home. FOR FREE (it’s free because I also have an “essentials” bundle that includes dish soap, laundry soap and some other things). At Walmart, I’d be paying $60 for 240 diapers. No wipes. And I have to go to Walmart to get them. Bonus? The patterns on these diapers are adorable. They’re fashion diapers. Were these made for my children?? (I’m a sucker for anything that comes in great packaging. Marketers can smell me 10,000 miles away.)



I’m a yogi. Okay, so maybe I just vinyasa’d my way back to class (I actually just like saying ‘vinyasa’) but I will become a yogi eventually. That is, practice daily and do an easily recognizable headstand. But before that, obviously, comes the ‘look good’ part. My post-baby belly does not fit well. What I’m saying is that it hangs out. It doesn’t fit in my body like it should. It spills over. Are you getting the visual yet or should I go on? No? You’re feeling sick to your stomach? Okay. Well I purchased a pair of Lululemon workout pants and they arrived today and I had to try them on to see what the fuss is about. Now I get it.

Moroccan Oil


If there is one friend who knows about how to take care of yourself, it’s Hailey. If I have ANY fashion advice or need someone to do my hair or my makeup, I think of Hailey. She said she uses Moroccan Oil and since I’m not one to let my friends have all the fun, I got some, too. It makes my hair silky smooth and totally hot. I think.

Little Boys’ Slub Knit Harem Pants


A-freaking-Dorable. These pants from Zara are awesome. I’m not sure if you knew this, but Jamie is a hip-hopper. He hip hops. These pants are not only comfortable, they’re also completely fashion. Jamie is also very fashion.

Splendors and Glooms


My mom is the librarian at an elementary school and is always offering to let me read new books for the kids when they come in. I love this. I love books. I don’t care if they are picture books, very easy novels, YA books or adult’s novels. This one happens to be for readers in the 6, 7, and 8th grade levels but older readers would definitely enjoy it, too. It’s set in the 1800s and is about a puppet master and the 2 children who help him. The puppet master seems to be involved in some sort of kidnapping, but it’s very mysterious. When a very wealthy family’s daughter goes missing, that’s when the helper children start to suspect something….

Tourance Baby Blanket


This is Charlotte’s favorite didi ever. It was given to Olive as a gift from my mom shortly after my ultrasound revealed her gender. But Charlotte found it and the corner of that blanket has been in her mouth ever since.

Yamaha Dirtbike


I ride dirt bikes.

You didn’t know that? Maybe because I just started on Tuesday. But let’s not pretend like I’ve never gotten on a motor bike in my life. When we first got married, we bought a street bike (a crotch rocket) and I rode that thing around like a boss. But it got stolen and our hearts have been broken ever since. Until this week when we decided that there is not a safer or better activity for young parents of 5 small children than going dirtbiking. We are smart. That led us to purchase some used dirt bikes. Confession: I’m mostly excited for the awesome jerseys, pants, and boots I get to purchase for our riding adventures.

Glitter Tape

glitter tape

Shop Sweet Lulu, you’ve done it again. You’ve offered a product I just couldn’t resist, so I purchased 6 rolls. Honestly, can you really have too many rolls of freaking glitter tape??? Answer: absolutely not.

**note: Zara and Shop Sweet Lulu…..for the amount of free advertising and major shout outs I give you, you should consider being a sponsor for my blog. Or, in the very least, send me some swag. I’ll talk it up for you….**

Friday Favorites

I can hear the kids making breakfast (I’m a little nervous, but it sounds like it’s going okay) so I’m stealing a few minutes to post my Friday Favorites this week.  I know, weird.

OXO Wipes Dispenser

wipes dispenser

I like organization, that’s not a secret. I like things to look nice and neat and like they are supposed to go wherever they are. I hate wipes. We buy the Costco packs (when we aren’t feeling super snobby and buying mustela) and they end up all over the place. Those little white and blue plastic wipe bags. I know, not a big deal, but it drives me nuts. I found this dispenser at TJ Maxx and we kinda love it. You can put any wipes in it and there is a weighted top with a hole for the wipes to be pulled out of. The top of it closes and locks so there’s little chance of it being left open and the first 3 wipes to be dried out.

Tiny Milk Jug


How cute is it? Bellamy got one for Charlotte and I love it. I can’t wait for her to be able to actually use it correctly so I don’t have to pour her own beverages for her….

…I kid. I don’t mind taking care of my children. But I am excited for her to learn how to pour (this is a serious statement). Pouring is a life skill, my friends.

H&M Skinny Jeans

hm maternity jeans

Yes, the maternity kind. Because after you have a baby (your 5th one, especially) there is this little pooch of skin and fat that is hard to make flat. And it’s hard to look okay in skinny jeans. Unless they are maternity. I’m lucky in that I didn’t gain hardly any weight with Olive, so my legs didn’t get fat. That’s weird to say, but it’s true. Anyway, while they aren’t the thinnest or fittest legs, they aren’t huge, and I can fit into skinny jeans without looking too horrible. But only if they’re maternity. Okay, I’ll stop now before I sound any more looney and in denial…

Sugar Hill Boutique Fox Sweater

fox sweater

Tara purchased this for me and since I have a thing for foxes (please read my note at the end of this post) it’s pretty much my favorite.

BlaBla Cow


My sweet friend Teresa got me a gift card when I had Olive and we used it to buy her a BlaBla doll. We LOVE BlaBla — and now each of the kids have their very own.

Beasts of the Southern Wild


Ooooh, man. This is a good one. This is a very touching (yep, I said touching) story about a little girl and her life in “the bathtub”, a small community in the south. I shed a few tears.

Afterglow App


This is an app for my phone that I’ve started using to edit my photos before putting them into Instaframe or Instagram.

*****FOX NOTE********

Okay. So you know how you really like something and then someone else likes it too and it totally looks like you are copying them? I hate that. And, for the record, I don’t mind one little bit admitting when I am copying a great idea. But I’d like for it to be known to all followers of both myself and Kelle Hampton that I am not just jumping on her fox-loving bandwagon.

Afterglow and my new essential oils obsession? yes. I totally copied her on both of those and I’m glad I did because I love ’em. But not the fox thing. I just want people to know. Because there is nothing worse than being a copy cat and not admitting it.

Just like how I didn’t name Olive, Olive, because I heard Drew Barrymore named her baby that. Totally not. (clearly, that’s also been bothering me).

*and also for the record, I adore Kelle Hampton’s blog and she has way more style than I will ever have in my lifetime, so it’d probably be a good idea for me to copy every single one of her ideas and loves….*

This disclaimer is mostly for my friend Lava Girl, who I’m sure is calling my BS on all of this. Whatever, Lava Girl.