Chi Town

Full Disclosure: I don’t even know how to pronounce Chi Town or if it’s a thing people actually call Chicago or if I read it once and now am making it a thing. Regardless, I went to Chicago this last weekend.

I know, I know, I’m very well traveled and cultured, I get it.

I kid.

My good friend Jenna is getting married next month and her sisters threw her a bachelorette weekend in their hometown to celebrate. I was lucky enough to be included and it was such a blast. I’m not sure how they did it but they managed to fill the weekend with really fun things that didn’t cost us all a fortune to attend. Ya know those bach parties that cost hundreds of dollars because every event is expensive, plus plane tickets and hotel and all that stuff? This wasn’t like that. I bought the plane ticket and stayed at Jenna’s house and gave a very small amount of $ to her sisters to cover costs and ended up having the best time.


We went to a cute and super yummy restaurant for dinner then went to stand up comedy. I’m a small town Idaho girl, I’ve never experienced stand up comedy live, but it really is just like it looks on the Netflix specials! That’s right, small tables with a candle in the middle, packed full of people, a tiny stage up front, the real deal. There were 4-5 short sets and then the main guy, Jonah Ray, who I guess hosts Mystery Science Theater. It was funny and a good time. But it didn’t end there. After, we walked to a little bakery where I ate the most delicious cheesecake I’ve ever had, hand to heart. Then we went back to Jenna’s house where 7 or so of us had a sleepover.

The next day we had brunch with Jenna’s friends and family and then went to a Korean spa. Okay, have you ever been to a Korean spa? Again, small town Idaho here. I’m sure I sound like such an idiot. But it was so fun. You pay to get in and from there you can use the pools (all nude, no swimsuits allowed. WHAT?) and go into any of the rooms. There’s a crystal room, charcoal room, oxygen room, and the hottest room I’ve ever stepped foot in my entire life. Then you can pay to get massages, scrubs, facials, the works. We were there for a few hours and it was heavenly.

Quick weekend, jam packed with fun, celebrating one of the kindest, sweetest people I know. Perfection.


1 thought on “Chi Town


    Sounds like a wonderful time! I have never gone to a Korean Spa…..would love to try it!
    Nothing better than new traveling and trying new things!
    All of the Best to You and Yours,Ruthie P.❤


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