It’s been far too long since I’ve done a giveaway and they are my very favorite posts! And on a blog like mine, your odds of winning are pretty damn good because I’m not an influencer.

Hold up. Yes, I’m an influencer. I’ve influenced my children to do silly things for the sake of IG posts, I’ve influenced my friends to drink far more than they should and, also, do silly things like sing karaoke and take stupid selfies. So I take that back. I’m one hell of an influencer. But when it comes to people looking to me for great ideas in the world of style and cool, well they’re disappointed. BUT I do like giving things away especially when they’re books.

NAME DROP: My friend Leni Zumas happens to be an incredible writer. Start with her short stories then move on to her novels, her latest being Red Clocks. It’s getting a lot of attention right now especially because it’s set in a too-close-to-home dystopian future where abortion is banned and there are strict rules on IVF and adoption and it’s just a little lot scary given our current situation with our current administration. Gag.


Screen Shot 2019-05-20 at 11.26.05 AM.png

Leni suggested I read Women Talking so, of course, I did. Loved it. Quick summary: it’s about a group of women in a Mennonite community who devise a plan (whether it’s an escape or another option) to stop sexual assaults occurring within their community.

Screen Shot 2019-05-20 at 11.26.30 AM.png

And yet another book you must read is Mother Winter by Sophia Shalmiyev. Her writing is lovely to read, almost poetic, and the story is fascinating and heartbreaking and very well told.

Screen Shot 2019-05-20 at 11.26.18 AM.png


I’m giving away a copy of EACH OF THESE BOOKS to one person! Yes, three books, one winner. All you have to do is comment on this post. Comment whatever you want. Tell me I’m the best, tell me the memes I share on IG are shit, tell me I’m the best influencer in your life, it doesn’t matter what you say, just say something.

Happy Monday!


17 thoughts on “*GIVEAWAY*

  1. Sarah BH

    Love love love this! That makes for forcing me out of my bubble and to make a comment! I love reading your blog, love watching you IG stories and love hearing your view on what’s going on! You truly are an influencer!

  2. Brighid

    You have such a way with words. I love that reading your posts feels like preteen sleepovers with a bestie, trying to figure out life from your friend that always seems to know more. Its whispered giggles and bold statements thrown in with love and acceptance and it’s awesome. Glad to see anything you recommend and these books are about to be added to my goodreads list so I can look for them soon.

  3. javidetto

    Your blog has always been one of my favorites and you really are the beat! I have been reading your blog since before Ollie was born. It has made me want to be your bff in real life! You’re family is amazing and strong!

  4. callakins

    I’m in between books! Been reading The How to Herb Book and I’m just not ready for juice fasts and enemas. Your one of my favorite influencers!

  5. desiraedowning

    I feel refreshed every time you blog. You speak to my heart, Ruth! Thank you for being a great human. I appreciate you so stinkin’ much.

  6. Becky Olinger

    You’re definitely an influencer-I’ve learned quite a lot about kiddos, autism, gender identity & other good things from stalking…I mean following…you. Your thoughts and insights make me think and stick with me.

  7. Katherine Troutman

    I love your blog!! It’s always so refreshing to read about your life and the life you are helping to build for your family!!!

  8. Sara

    I’m not much of a participator in anything, and I’m not good at speaking out or giving my true opinion about anything. I’m more of a listener, and not because I’m so wise or great. It’s because I’m more weak and scared of back lash and having people dislike me. I really enjoy reading your blog because I so admire your strength in speaking about tough topics and giving thoughts/opinions without fear.(or maybe there is fear, but you do it anyway). Thanks for that, and I hope you keep at it.

  9. Chivonne

    I’ve heard such good things about her books! They’re on my list to read! What a cool giveaway 🙂


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