Teriyaki Beef and Veggies

I’m sharing this not because it’s some amazing thing I’ve discovered and I think I’m basically Smitten Kitchen. No way. I’m sharing this because I’m NOT a good cook and I found something that is so damn easy that you’d have to be a real dud to mess it up. And that kind of thing should be shared.

So first: Get some steak. You guys, I know nothing about steak. I know what brisket is and I know what flank steak is. Show me a london broil (is that a thing?), a roast, a t-bone, or any other cut of beef and I’ll tell you it looks like beef but might be pork because…I know nothing. So basically from Safeway I grabbed one of the pre-cut, pre-packaged steak things with 6 steaks in it. It wasn’t horribly expensive so I know it must not have been top of the line.

So anyway, get the steak. Cut it into strips. Put it in a gallon ziplock with a bottle of teriyaki sauce, whatever is your pleasure. We used Panda Express and it was delicious. Let that marinade for an hour or so.

Buy the pack of stir fry veggies you see next to the pre packaged salads. I added potatoes too. Put them on a baking sheet and drizzle olive oil over them and sprinkle with salt and pepper. Stick em in a 400 degree oven.


Cook the steak strips in a pan over medium high heat until cooked through — just a few minutes each side. Cut into pieces.


Make some white rice.

Watch the veggies – I never time anything I cook (one of the many reasons why I may not be the best cook), I just watch it and when it feels and looks done, I say it is.

There will be saucy juice in the pan after you cook the steak – don’t throw it out. Drizzle it over the steak pieces.

Put it all together into a bowl and HOLY CRAP you’ve just made dinner.


*bow, bow*


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