Passover 2019

This year Jenna and Isaac (our very best Portland friends who we celebrate lots of holidays with) went to the midwest for Passover/Easter so I decided I was going to just do it. I was going to host a Passover seder. Listen, I’ve never hosted one before and it’s not just a “serve dinner and converse” type deal. I went through so many Haggadot to find one that would be appropriate in length for 6 kids but that adults wouldn’t find boring.


I ended up using this one:


You can download it here, actually.

It was perfect for us. To get ready for Passover I forced the kids to watch Shalom Sesame a few times and Prince of Egypt. I got out all our Passover books and during reading time at night, that was what was available. I’m such a mean mom.


We played Spot It! Shalom over and over and we were feeling very Jewish by the time we had to leave for the coast (we celebrated with Papa and Lala and Josh).


I made matzah kugel (gross), matzah crack, brisket (amazing) and my mom made salad and carrots. The table looked beautiful.




The kids had stuff to do during it so they weren’t completely bored but it wasn’t a super lengthy Seder.



Josh hid the afikomen and the kids raced to find it.



Luke found it and got a prize.

Come to find out, matzah is well-liked in our house.


Passover was great.

The next day was Easter and my mom and dad had an egg hunt for the kids. ON THE BEACH.





It was a beautiful day. A little chilly but not cold. The kids had a blast.



We’re so lucky to live so close to the ocean, to my parents and my siblings. We get to celebrate everything with family and it makes things extra special.


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