They, Spring Weather and Scooter Tricks

When Luke was Charlotte’s age, he declared to the world he was trans. That he was a boy, his name was Luke, and his new pronouns were he/him/his. He got a haircut and wore exclusively “boy” clothes and his life felt more authentic. Here we are, Spring 2019 with yet another 7 year old – Charlotte.


This sweet babe has declared, like their brother before them, that there needs to be a bit of a change.

We aren’t new.

We have been given a really great gift of acceptance and understanding for what our kids need and we put a lot of trust in them, knowing what they say is authentic and real.


“I’m not really a boy but not really a girl. I’m actually more like both. Kinda more boy but still girl, too.”

And so Charlotte’s new pronouns are “they/them.” You’d think there would be some huge shift and it’d be so hard to have all this happening but it’s not. The kids are much better at remembering their pronouns than I am. I slip up quite often but Charlotte gives me quiet reminders and that’s all I need. Their hair needs help – not their fault. It’s mine. I pretended I was Whitney for a hot second and when they said they needed shorter hair I though, “Hot dog, here we go. GO GET THE ELECTRIC RAZOR!” and shit fell apart. So give it a few weeks and it’ll actually look good.

They’re so beautiful aren’t they?

Speaking of beautiful, this Spring weather is magic. It’s perfect. It’s just over 70* right now and sending the kids out to play has made my life so much better.

I had a hysterectomy a couple weeks ago (that’s another future blog post titled: Mental illness and the need for everything to be removed from my body) so I’ve been needing to take it easy and the sunshine makes it easier.

The scooter tricks, my friends. The scooter tricks have returned.


The sass remains.



(I’m going easy on myself if you can’t tell. My pictures aren’t perfect. They’re blurry in places I don’t want them to be blurry and the lighting isn’t perfect. This is a gift I’m giving myself. The gift of not trying so hard to be perfect. It’s taken me so long to realize how important that is in order for me to be calm and content. So for this blog, these pictures, it’s changing a bit. I mean, not as if my photos were perfect before, duh, but I stressed over them far too much.)


Happiest Spring!


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