Spring break and getting out of town

The kids are on Spring Break so the first part of it was spent out of town. Naturally.

Yep, we headed to Seattle and spent the long weekend with my brother and Lily and doing fun tourist-y things like MoPOP and the aquarium and Pike’s Place.

Oh, and hotel swims. We had lots of hotel swims.

No Prasil trip is complete without a sick child or two, right? So we had that, too. But our kids are troopers extreme and they powered through.

We went to a transgender support group for children ages 3-9 and it was pretty incredible. Working with Willow Center, I know how important it is for children to not feel like they are going through something difficult alone. That they aren’t the only “weird” one, that there are all types of people. And when you’re with a bunch of people who are navigating something similar to what you are, you don’t feel so alone, so judged, and so lonely. We left the support group and Luke was smiling so much he was almost laughing. I said, “So did you meet people like you? Who people thought was a girl when they were born but is actually a boy?” He looked up at me and laughed and said, “I don’t even know! I couldn’t tell!” And I might have teared up.

But the ice in my heart quickly froze all emotion and things were normal. Phew.

We had lots of delicious meals, both with kids and without. We went to Pie Bar which was so delicious and I want 10 more chicken pot pies and 5 more berry pies stat. We went to Top Pot donuts and El Borracha and we watched the Zags lose and played at parks and walked all over and it was really, really fun.

But we were exhausted by the end of it. So now we’re just home, hanging out, enjoying no-school days. Working from home and watching so much Netflix. The weather is beautiful and the kids have been outside so much. We have a busy month with Green Apple Project fundraisers and events and work and doctor’s appointments and school and………but you are all familiar with busy lives!

Happy Spring.


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