Today Maria is 12. I could say that 12 years ago was the scariest moment of my life, when at 19 and unmarried, Danny and I had our first baby. But that’d be a big fat lie because I’ve always known that Maria was meant for us.


I use a lot of hypotheticals in my writing as it pertains to my children. My children WILL BE the ones who help others, they WILL BE the ones who change the world, on and on. But with Maria, in her short 12 years here, nothing has been a hypothetical. She’s done it. She’s been the one who invites the ‘weird’ kid to sit with her at lunch and then proves to everyone that he’s not weird, he’s different, and different is awesome. She has stood up to bullies both to defend herself and to defend her friends and her siblings. She’s given her own money and her own time for people in need. She is willing to have uncool beliefs in the eyes of her peers if she believes them to be true and right and just.

I have truly, honestly, never met a soul quite like Maria’s – adult or child. She’s a rare one. She has a way about her that, even though she’s a much better person than you, she’ll make you feel like you’re the one doing good. She helps subtly, not for show. She’s empathetic and will cry for you, cheer for you, and just be with you. She’s wittier than most adults I know and has a quick comeback for everything.

She knows the world. She knows that there are lots of different people with lots of different opinions, lots of ways of expressing themselves, lots of religions and beliefs and ways of life. She knows about struggles, about drug addiction, alcoholism, mental illness, tragedy and loss. She knows that all of these people in our world are important.

She knows Trump is an dipshit and knows our world needs change.  But if she knew I said that in my blog about her, she’d agree but be very disappointed in my choice of words.


And there’s a million things she hasn’t done.

Just you wait.

Just you wait.


Happy Birthday, Maria ❤




3 thoughts on “12.

  1. Marlene Stellmon

    Not everyone is blessed to have such a wonderful child to teach and to learn from. Congratulations ! She has always been special.

  2. Connie

    Totally made it through the whole thing then got allllllllllll choked with the Hamilton drop at the end… blerg where’s my hand clap emoji. Happy Birthday Maria!


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