Pies, history and hailing cabs

Danny and I rarely get one on one time with the kids. We try, but it’s just very hard with so many kittens. For Christmas this year, though, we decided we’d give them each a special trip. The little girls went to Disneyland, Jamie opted out of his trip, Lucian is going snowboarding with Danny and Maria? Well Maria and I went to NYC. My mom joined us and it was, in one word, incredible. We saw two broadway shows (Waitress and Hamilton), ate delicious food, went to the Central Park Zoo, visited a museum and cabbed our way around the city.


  1. Waitress was awesome. Jessie Mueller played the main character and her voice is so great. We bought tiny pies in mason jars and wine in tumblers to enjoy during the performance. Of course Maria, my emotional one, cried during several parts. It tackles some pretty grown-up stuff and she handled it like a champ.


2. We visited the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island.

3. Food and Museum

4. Central Park and the Zoo

5. The Room Where it Happens


I still cannot believe I saw Hamilton on Broadway. I know, some of you won’t care at all but my kids and I have been listening to the music for months and months and are utterly obsessed. To see the dancing and acting that goes along with it was insane.

Now all I can listen to is the Mix Tape (immigrants happens to be my favorite track right now…).



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