A Few of my Favorite Things

It’s not Friday, so this isn’t really “Friday Favorites” but Dawn is sick and I’m working from home and thought I’d squeeze in a blog post. Here are a few of my favorites lately:

  1. Anything ban.do


http://www.shopbando.com and you’re welcome. Everything on here is fun and silly and completely unnecessary which makes it completely necessary. It’s my favorite place to go to buy my kids’ teachers gifts because I feel like it makes me the coolest mom in the class. And if that’s reality or not doesn’t really matter.

2. Tiny Felt Toys


My mom got these little sets from Magic Cabin and I am utterly obsessed. After six children, I’ve come to hate plastic toys with pictures of princesses or characters on them. Yes, I still buy them and yes, we still have cabinets full of them…but these types of toys are so much better. Each little home comes with a set of tiny felted creatures that live inside: mice, owls, fairies, woodland creatures. They are just the cutest. Franci got the chicken/henhouse set for her birthday and I play with it more often than she does.

3. Valentine’s Day gifts.


One way Ruthie shows how much she appreciates you is by putting together thoughtful gifts for you. Not expensive, but thoughtful. I’m serious, I’ll toot my own horn on this one, I try really REALLY hard to get things for people that they will love, that are personal, and that comes from the heart. I’m bad at speaking my feelings, but good at showing them through gifts. Valentine’s gifts are going to teachers and aides and Little 45ers.

4. Felted Puppets

So we got this package a week and 1/2 ago and it didn’t show a return address and I was so confused. Inside was a set of beautiful puppets and I thought, “Oh, man, these must be a gift from someone for Ollie for her birthday from Etsy or Magic Cabin or something,” and I ripped through and took them all out and fell in love. And then I went digging a little deeper into the box because there was no note or anything saying who they were from until, finally, I dug a little deeper (there was filling and stuff, okay, I’m not blind…just deaf) and saw the sweetest note from Penni. Penni is my sister-in-law’s mama but I feel like she’s more than that to us and my kids. She’s kinda like a fourth grandma (my kids have Lala, Dawn, Grandma Cheri and Penni!). SHE FREAKING MADE THESE. I told my kids they’d better eat this all up because once Pat and Lily have children, they’re chopped liver.

5. Party with Alison Tumblers


I’ve followed The Alison Show for quite some time. I like to consider us somewhat of a pair of kindred spirits. Except that she’s way funnier than me, we don’t share the same religion, she runs (I don’t), she has a podcast (I only wish I did) and lots of things. But we both love parties, love throwing parties, and love ALLLLLLL the details that go into it. She has custom tumblers for her parties and she starting selling some on her site, too. I grabbed some of course for our teachers/aides because they’re all super awesome. Follow her on IG: @partywithalison

6. Handdrawn Notes


Alice is a Little 45er (badass snowboard club…if you don’t know, you don’t know) and Dan brought home the sweetest little drawings for my kids that she did. Oh, I just love that girl. Along with all the other little snowboard pals we have. Boarders are the best.

7. Children Who Perform Hamilton

Not just any children, but an almost-12-year-old who includes her 5-year-old sister. And who is happy and proud to do it. And who wear awesome shirts and choose songs that talk about equality and work really hard to cut and paste it up so that it sounds good but still fits into the 2.5 minute time frame. 100, Maria, 100.




2 thoughts on “A Few of my Favorite Things

  1. Mary Lou Riddle

    Awesome job. The Lane & Prasil kids must get together. Mini Hamilton show.

    On Mon, Feb 6, 2017 at 10:47 AM, Fairy Wings and Dinosaurs wrote:

    > ruthie1985 posted: “It’s not Friday, so this isn’t really “Friday > Favorites” but Dawn is sick and I’m working from home and thought I’d > squeeze in a blog post. Here are a few of my favorites lately: Anything > ban.do http://www.shopbando.com and you’re welcome. Everything on her” >


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