She was cute even before she was born.

Ollie was born on January 7th, 2013. There was snow and it was cold and she was in a hurry to come (and Danny almost didn’t make it). She was sick so we stayed in the hospital a little longer than we had liked.

Ollie is our blonde haired, blue eyed, sweet and happy little sprite. She’s as easy going as they come and she’s almost always happy. She wakes up smiling every morning (I’d know because she sneaks to sleep right between Danny and me every night) and goes to sleep happy each night. She sucks two fingers while stroking her hair across her cheek. She curls up like a kitten our laps and is a snuggle bug. She loves soda and Disneyland and asks every morning, “It is a Dawn Day or is it a nothing day?” and squeals with delight when the answer is “Dawn Day.” Her hair is just hilarious because it’s fine and thin and doesn’t grow — constant bed-head. She loves lip gloss and playing house and is always up for adventuring outside.

Today, Ollie is 4.

We’re celebrating in McCall, one of our favorite places, and she’s in birthday heaven. Cakes and cookies and friends and pizza.

Happy Birthday to our sweet Ollie Jane.


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