Double Digits (Jamie is 10)

Jamie turned 10 right after Christmas and with all the craziness that comes with the holidays, I haven’t gotten a chance to sit down and write about this beautiful boy.


James is a rare bird. He is beautiful, insanely smart and intensely curious. He becomes experts at things and remembers everything he hears or reads. He’s a walking encyclopedia, this one. He loves pancakes and waffles and he’ll have a step breakfast of waffles (plain) and a real breakfast of waffles with syrup. Standard.

He reads books at a high school level or above but loves his trusty Diary of a Wimpy Kid series. He’s read the Harry Potter series in its entirety over 10 times, Percy Jackson several times, every book ever written about Greek Mythology, Calvin and Hobbes, and  Garfield. He draws and does things like creates his own country complete with traditional dress of its citizens, official language and religion, a flag, exports, imports, average wages, you name it. He even wrote a national song to go with it.

He loves his sisters. (shhhh, but Jamie is definitely Francesca’s favorite). He misses a lot of social cues but tries really hard. He knows when he should say thank you and excuse me and yes please, and does a great job. He’s witty and hilarious, but in a grown-up way…a way kids don’t usually understand which makes me nervous when we’re in a group of kids…who knows what he’s going to say!

If he’s feeling overwhelmed or like things are just a bit too much, he’ll find a swing and swing for 10-15 minutes to ground himself and then he’s back. I love this about him. He wears his robe and slippers in public and the color pink doesn’t scare him one bit.

Going out of his routine isn’t comfortable for him, but he does it anyway. We are always on the go and he will always have a book with him and is usually quite content surrounded by characters he’s reading about.

We can’t imagine life without Jamie so thank goodness he’s ours.

And holy hell, he’s 10. Time flies.


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