Snow Magic

Danny is happiest in the snow. Starting after Thanksgiving, he’s checking snow reports for Brundage several times a day. He gets out his snowboard gear, organizes it and gets the kids ready. All of this before the temp here drops below 50. Sometimes when we’re stuck in the valley weekend after weekend, it’s necessary to find the snow.

So that’s what we do.


The kids get bundled up and we head to the mountains. We find ourselves saying things like, “Snow just makes the whole world magical,” and totally meaning it.


Our mission was to get a Christmas tree and not only did we complete that mission, we had time to play and sip hot chocolate and pretend that stress and anxiety and work and hard things don’t exist.

I suckered the kids into some photos, too.


But the Christmas tree, that’s where it’s at. Let me tell you something about our Christmas tree. It’s not full, it doesn’t have a ton of branches to hang lights and ornaments and it’s an odd shape. But it’s my favorite tree we’ve had.



And Charlotte even found one, too.


And what luck we had to wake up this morning to a fresh blanket of the white stuff.

Happy Snow Day!


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