Friends in the ‘hood

I grew up next to my very best friend. We played house together, planted gardens together, rode bikes to Polar Bear together and dressed up my little brother as the cutest girl (complete with makeup) together. We had sleepovers and I’d spend afternoons at her house one day and the next, she’d head over to mine. I had the BEST ‘little kid’ childhood and I’m so thankful.

One reason I love where we live so much is because of this:


These five beauties plus Francesca make six girls within four years of each other. Being outside and watching them play is the best. You can give kids dance class and music lessons and soccer and art classes and every other organized (expensive) thing on the planet, but what probably means the most to them is time spent just playing. Being kids and pretending. Riding bikes with friends and rolling around in the grass. Stuffing kittens in bike baskets and hauling around baby sisters.

Scootin’ and boardin’

I forgot how great neighborhood friends is.

Dan didn’t.




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