Halloween Training



I’d like to preface this post by telling all of you that I had kind of forgotten about Halloween until my kids dragged the boxes (why do we have multiple boxes?!) of Halloween decorations up from the basement and begged me to let them decorate. There’s no forgetting Halloween now.

In previous years, I may have constructed clever family or sibling costumes, organized giant kid Halloween parties and maybe even snuck an adult party in there, too. This year, the kids are choosing their own costumes and I don’t even care. The annual Halloween party? I’m really just swapping out Lego League (ooooh, that’s a post on its own) for Halloween party and cutting our previous guest list by 2/3rds. Apparently I’m a giant party pooper.

But Jamie is prepping for Halloween. He isn’t a fan of dressing up for it which is odd because he’s been known to rock a king’s cape for hours and he’s sported a queen’s dress or two. But nope, he doesn’t like Halloween costumes which is why he’s chosen to be a paper boy this year because it just requires that he “finds a satchel to stuff newspapers in…comics.”

Jamie is most interested in the candy he’ll be raking in and has realized that his very lazy lifestyle means he won’t be on top of his game as far as the amount of ground he can cover. But he has a solution.

“Alright, so I just need to put some sneakers on and, starting this week, walk around the block a few times. As Halloween gets closer, I’ll walk longer and longer so that when it’s actually here, I’ll be able to walk a really long way without getting too tired and get so much candy.”

He may not be active, but he’s pretty smart.


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