Coco’s Return

I bet you thought Coco was gone for good.

Oh, don’t tell me you forgot about Coco. I will say that if you have, I don’t blame you. Danny and I have been the meanest parents ever and every time Alice asks to do a video we say, “Oh, maybe tomorrow.”

Tomorrow never comes.

But today I broke out the video camera and COCO’S BACK, BABY!


She reviewed some candy.

Candy reviews are, apparently, in high demand on YouTube among the younger set. This candy review was a little special, though, because Coco reviewed candy from Austria sent to us by some dear friends.


One thing about Coco is that she’s honest. She doesn’t give a 10/10 to just any old Austrian candy.

Here’s part 1.

Here’s part 2.

Why are there two parts? Welllllllllll Alice, Charlotte, and Jamie broke into their Kinder Eggs right after school which left 3 for the little girls and Maria. Maria is kind and told Alice she could have hers for the video which left two more. Charlotte didn’t get the, “don’t you dare touch the other Kinder Egg” memo because she started ripping into that thing. It probably would have been more honest and transparent if I had kept the film rolling while scolding and threatening privileges but I wasn’t thinking so I cut. Then started back up after the rules were gone over. So yeah…two parts to this video. Enjoy.


2 thoughts on “Coco’s Return

  1. Tara Tumelson

    I love so many things about these videos…

    -I could watch those beauties all day
    -Alice’s awesome narrations
    -Superbug made a small appearance
    -Alice’s face when she ate the sour french fry
    -Charlotte gave everything a score of 100!
    -Maria is such a sweet big sister ♡


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