Farewell Summer Fruit Pizza



I was scrolling through Instagram the other day when a video scrolled by. I normally just keep going because who honestly has time to watch every ‘baby eating food’ or ‘puppy frolicking through the grass’ video? No one. But I’ll stop for a food video every time. This particular dish that was being made was beautiful and looked refreshing and I thought, “I’m going to make that,” and I did. We’re in the last month of Summer and what better way to thank it (Summer, that is) than by using fresh and delicious fruit to create a juicy treat.


  • Cut watermelon into flat discs. This will be your pizza ‘dough.’
  • Spread yogurt as if it was pizza sauce. Any yogurt will do.
  • Chop up your favorite fruits. We used kiwi, mango, drangonfruit and huckleberries. Scatter the fruit pieces across the yogurt.
  • Drizzle the top with honey or agave
  • For crunch, you can add chopped nuts or chia seeds. For sweetness, try flaked coconut or chocolate shavings.

For a variation of this in the colder months when you need a summer pick-me-up, use a sugar cookie for the dough and frozen berries that have been thawed and drained in place of fresh fruit. Enjoy!



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