I’m Published.

Someday, perhaps I’ll write a book. It might be about the life of a young mother with six kids, one of them autistic, all of them awesome, five of them girls, one of them boys, her husband who is a skater business guy and how life is pretty great and pretty hard and pretty weird and pretty awesome.

But until that day, you can read what I write here, of course, but also in print. Remember when I wrote for Home and Harvest magazine? It was a lot of fun to see my articles but it got less and less fun when the hours I put into it resulted in (still) zero pay. I’d want to post a story on my blog and use my own pictures and my own designs but instead it’d go to the magazine where I had no creative freedom as to how it was presented.

But now I’m writing for our local newspaper, a part of it called Inland 360. It focuses on the happenings in our area: concerts, artists, events, movies, etc. And then sometimes there are random articles written by yours truly. Things like how to make confetti eggs and awesome April Fool’s pranks and most recently, fun games to play in the pool.

I love writing so much. I love telling a story and I love it especially when I can tell it in my own voice. If you know me, you should be able to hear me telling you the story as you’re reading it. 360 has allowed me to present my own ideas, be creative and unique and bring a different perspective and new ways of thinking. Lots of what I present won’t work for it – I’m still learning what works and what doesn’t – but lots does and each week when something I’ve written and pictures I’ve taken gets published, my heart flutters a little bit.

Will you please go read the online edition? Check it here. That pretty girl you’ll see on the lime float is Maria, of course. And check Inland 360 each week for new articles! You don’t necessarily have to live here for lots of the things I write about, even though lots of the articles are specific to our area (and if you wanna look for what I write specifically, always check out the ‘kids and family’ section!).




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