Hawaii Part Two

We have been so busy not being busy and it’s been glorious.

We’ve enjoyed sunsets and sunrises and our incredible cottage.


We went fishing and got up at 4:30 — before the sun.

That picture, second down on the right hand side — that’s a shark. We had to go out and catch our bait because they don’t sell live bait in Hawaii apparently. Well the spot to catch this live bait happens to also be the spot where shark tours take place. Shark tours throw chum, so when sharks see boats, they know they’re getting fed. We saw tons of sharks.

SO MANY FISH WE CAUGHT. Just kidding. We didn’t catch any. We did catch a sea bird, though, that got caught in our fishing lines. And Danny puked over the side of the boat. It was very, very rocky so I’ll give him that. But afterwards when he said, “Here, toss me those Pringles,” I lost the pity. Our fishing guys were super nice so that was good and they gave us a discount on the day because we caught nada. The sunrise and the sharks made it a pretty fun day.

Here’s something that happens to Dan and I on vacation: we make friends.

So I’m not shy about reaching out to people, even if I’ve never met them. I like making people my friends which might be a surprise for some people because I kind of hate people. But I know good eggs when I see them. Example: Dan and I both follow this woman on IG who has some pretty rad surfer kids. They live in Oahu and I knew from their blog they live on the North Shore. Here we are on the North Shore. Naturally, I email this woman and tell her we will be there and that we’d love to meet up. She emailed me back and gave me her cell number and while we did text while we were here, it didn’t work to meet up because they ended up house sitting in Diamond Head while we were up here. Point of the story: I’m down for meeting new peeps and widening my circle with the genuine ones is my favorite.

We have a wider circle now thanks to this awesome place we’re staying. This property is owned by a surfer and on it there are several tiny houses/apartments and in one of those apartments lives Andy.


We’ve known Andy for all of, what, 4 days? But he’s our friend now. He’s played sipa sipa (hacky sac) with Dan each night

he and his girlfriend had dinner with us one night, and he and Dan did a little Persian yoga.


Andy also makes these awesome little boxes:


Who else did we meet? Oh just a guy named AARON GOLD. He’s a big wave surfer and was filming something right in front of our cottage:


There are lots of cool trees and fruits on the property that we’ve been able to take advantage of. Some geckos, too (did you know they sound like screaming peacocks when they yell?)


And tomorrow we head back. We are sad to leave but happy to see the little rascals.

But this trip did something to me. It reminded me to slow down – I get reminded of this every time we visit a place that values that chill lifestyle. The idea that things don’t always have to go quickly, as fast as possible, work work work. And like always, I’ll go home and bring the vibe with me but I’ll get caught up in life soon enough.

Breaks like this are necessary. Happy Wednesday!


1 thought on “Hawaii Part Two

  1. Kim

    You might already know this, but the fruit in your top picture is lilikio or passion fruit. It’s all over Hawaii. Some friends of my in-laws live there & showed us a great trick with the fruit while we were there visiting. Cut open a bunch of them & pour the insides into a container. It’s helpful to put a strainer over this to take out the seeds & big chunks. Then mix some Malibu rum with it. I think we did it where we spooned a little of the lilikio we strained back into the halves with some rum and did shots…..it was so yummy! Also, the lady used the fruits to make a jam. It was, unfortunately, confiscated at the airport. My mother-in-law didn’t pack it up well enough. They didn’t like her trying to bring it on the plane. Sounds like you guys have had lots of fun! I can’t wait to go back someday.


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