Charlotte in Disneyland : pt 3

So Pat and Lily showed up and Charlotte and I got to bunk with them. 

We started our day in California Adventures, heading straight for Cars fast passes then riding the roller coaster then ferris wheel then cars then other smaller rides I’m sure we rode but I’ve forgotten.
Disney tends to do that to a person.

We ate at Storyteller Cafe then we became those people who save pool lounges well before pool time. Worth it.

What came next happens to be the most ridiculous use of money known to man.

Bippity. Boppity. Boutique.

Here, let me explain. Guests pay a crazy price for a princess dress and accessories and to be done up by fairy god mothers who, I think, might singlehandedly be causing global warming. The amount of hairspray used per princess is sure to create some ozone disasters. There’s glitter and nail polish and fake hair pieces and sticker tattoos and it all costs more than anything should ever cost. Thanks, papa! 

Plus side: afterwards you get to skip ahead of the line to meet the princesses. I suppose that’s worth a bit of cash.

What else did we do today? Enjoyed beverages and swam and shopped and ate some pretty delicious food.

We also watched a proposal which reminded me of that time Dan asked me to marry him…while driving up 21st street complete with a shoulder shrug.

Meh, I guess ours worked out okay.

It’s also dapper day which means there are scads of people dressed in vintage wear (so many rockabilly couples). It’s kinda fun.

And now I’m currently in bed at 8:45 which has never happened in Disneyland but I have an exhausted girl on my hands.


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