Charlotte in Disneyland: pt 2

Today was awesome. I mean…look:
We got breakfast and were in line for the park by 7:30am. If only I could be that on point for school delivery. 

Early entry is the way to go. We went on Peter Pan and Dumbo and Alice and Teacups and Splash Mountain and storybook land boats all before 9:30am. 

I forgot to tell you how boss we are. We navigate Disneyland like we own the place. 

We met Pop for lunch at Ariels Grotto then had some pool time.

Which means cocktail time.

Because cocktails.





If you text and call and FaceTime enough, the guilt will drive anyone to drive 5+ hours to the happiest place on earth. 

Also at Disneyland you sit on the curb for (literally) 3 hours to save parade seats.





It hurts me to say this, but it’s worth it. 


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