Charlotte in Disneyland: pt 1

I’m going to be blogging while we’re away, hence the “part 1”.

As I’m sure you remember (oh what, you don’t put every blog post in your ‘favorite memories’ part of your brain? You don’t even have a favorite memories part of your brain?! Get out) my parents take my kids to Disneyland when they turn 5. This year it’s Charlotte’s turn and I’m lucky she’s a bit attached to me because I may have suckered my parents into taking me along too. 

She didn’t know we were going until my dad picked her up from Dawn’s and showed up at the airport. She was a happy camper.   
I’m so lucky that my kids are good travelers. For the most part, they aren’t needy or high maintenance. Give her some soda and cookies and she’s gold.

She also sees magic almost everywhere. That makes being with her pretty close to perfect.

We had an hour wait for the bus and she took it like a champ.

After a bit of a ride, we arrived at the hotel.

The Grand Californian is pretty amazing. 

We went into the park where we got some dinner, rode Winnie the Pooh a few times, checked out Tarzans Treehouse and then navigated the crowds till we hit up Hagen Daas and the pool.

Day 1: success
(Follow along on snapchat: ruthieprasil I’ll warn you that I snap an outrageous number of stupid, worthless moments.) 


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