Cats Who Ruin Our Lives (alternately titled: Max)

My friend Amanda lives next to my parents. She has 3 girls who are good friends with my kids and they are just the cutest family.

Until something awful happens and they’re swimming in cat pee.

Okay, let me back up.

Amanda ruined her family’s life by forgetting to close the garage door the other night. The door leading from her garage to her house…like, the inside of her house….has a cat door on it. So, if the garage is left open, there’s easy entry into the house. Tiny burglars can also come in. But don’t. Please.

So anyway, around 2:00 am Amanda and her husband woke up to this awful sound. Have you heard cats moan? Not meow, not hiss….MOAN. It’s awful. This moaning went on for a few minutes, her husband did a sweep of the deck, but went back to sleep. Nice.

But by 5:00am, the moaning started up again. Amanda got up out of bed to investigate and walked into the hall and was hit with it.

The stench of CAT PEE.


Miss Kitty and Mittens, the resident cats (who are well behaved, I might add), were nowhere to be found but ya know who was lurking? The neighbor cat. The giant, awful, disgusting, muddy-pawed neighbor cat. Spraying his DNA all over their house.

Have you smelled cat pee? It’s awful.

And now Amanda has it in her home.


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