Do you ever have those moments when you’re like

“Dude. Is this real? Because it seems just a little too good to actually be real.”

But it is real, and you can’t help but just be super happy and thankful?


Yeah, that’s our life with Maria.

I know it sounds like I just spout off every good quality in a kid and say that’s Maria and claim her as ours because it makes us look really good.

The truth is that Maria is genuinely, truly, honestly, scout’s honor, the very best. She’s so much better than Danny and I so we can’t even take credit.

She’s beautiful. She has beautiful eyes and an eyebrow that rivals Frida. Her skin is the perfect hue – a beautiful shade of brown.

Her heart. She has the most empathetic heart of anyone. She feels others’ pain and it effects her. When she sees an injustice, she tries to right it. If she’s watching something on television that is hard and painful, she cries. She’s not embarrassed by  it, which inspires people around her.

Her brain. She’s smart. She makes really smart choices and tries her very hardest in every situation. She doesn’t give up and she’s willing to do new things, even if they aren’t easy.

Her hands. She’s so helpful. She would do anything I ask for as long as I ask it of her. She will change diapers, do the dishes, watch the kids, vacuum, cook, hold little ones’ hands, you name it.

She was our first and from the very beginning, she was almost perfect. The pregnancy? Easy. Labor? I laughed through it. Delivery? I pushed maybe twice before she was born. She arrived and made our lives so much better than we ever thought it could be. Every day, she proves to us that people are good. That tiny souls can do big things and that surprises (and maybe some poor choices at young ages) can be the most amazing thing.

Happiest eleventh birthday to the sweetest of all.



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