Moving On

[This applies to minor surgeries only. I don’t know, but I’m guessing big giant surgeries might be a bit of a bigger deal than those of the laparoscopic variety]

My week of surgery fame is coming to an end. (new term: surgery fame)

I figure you have a week, max, to tell as many people as you can that you had surgery. Or, in my case, 2 unexpected procedures. Details are important. 1 week to tell every one of your friends that you’re okay, thanks to just another ‘everyday hero’ who read that CT scan correctly and you’re sure you’ll feel 100% soon (lay off, the day isn’t quite over yet. I’m milking it).

If you post about it on enough social media sites (I covered all my bases) you won’t be able to go anywhere in a small town without a couple people asking how you are doing and if they can do anything to help. Well, I hit the maximum number of reaches I’m fairly certain and I had a good run but I’m sure there’s someone else, now, who could use the surgery fame so I’m moving on.

I’m kidding. Not about posting it on every social media site because I definitely snap chat all day long and if you’re wondering if a hospital selfie made its way on any Facebook or Instagram accounts, the answer is: both. But I’m kidding that I loved all the attention and thought it was fun. You might think that’s a lie, but it’s not. I know I could have just not told a soul, but social media draws me in and I’m part of the generation (I know, the uppermost part of it) that it’s just a part of. Just a few more outlets to be a little sarcastic, a little dramatic and have fun. Boom.

But moving on, let’s talk about a couple things:

  1. Our Side Yard.ducksfromhell-308


Last year Dan and I took a look at the mess we’d created thanks to our contraband chickens and neglected water feature and started ripping it all out. We got as far as trimming some trees and moving a bunch of rocks around and then let it sit for three seasons. We had really good intentions of doing it all ourselves and being able to look out there and say, “We did that.” But now I guess we’ll just say, “Craig did that,” because we hired it out. Easier and probably less expensive in the long run. Don’t rain on my parade by calling BS on that. There are a few more weeks left to go most likely, but it’ll be mostly grass with a skateboard mini ramp, a border along the fence and house, and a fire pit sitting area. Oh, and a play set. I’m so excited to send the kids out to the side yard and not worry about them being in the front or out by the pool. Fence those monsters in.

2. Faces of Autism


It’s coming along quite well and much more smoothly than I had thought it would. We almost have all of our photos of each kiddo picked out and the parents are in the process of writing a little bit about them. We have sponsors and a vision and if you’d be so kind as to spread the word, I’d be very grateful. April 13th from 6-8pm. Free wine.

3. Work.

I started working. Like, actual work that I get paid for. When I told Charlotte I was going to work, she doubted me. She not only doubted me, she basically straight up told me I was a liar. Don’t worry, I proved it to her by dressing up in work clothes and putting on makeup before 8 AM. She still didn’t believe me but who even cares, she’s 4. I don’t have to prove ANYTHING TO HER!

I kind of love working.


There you have it. Happy Sunday – Monday is gonna hit you like a truck. (thanks, daylight savings!)


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