DIY terrarium *plus a little giveaway*



When you have no snow, don’t live in a winter wonderland and Christmas has come and gone, the winter season is a drag. It’s about this time that I decide to spring into action.

Spring. Into. Action.


See what I did there?

This week I’m giving myself a boost by creating a cute and really easy terrarium. Succulents and air plants are almost impossible to kill. This is perfect for me because I do not have a green thumb but I really dislike fake houseplants. Ready? Here ya go:

What you’ll need:


You will also need maybe a cup plus a tad for the initial planting of your succulents.

  1. Plant those suckers.
  2. Add sand up to the ‘chin’ of the plant. (ya know, that part that the neck meets the head? this is not a real-life plant term)


3. Add a layer of river rock with a smidge of moss somewhere.


4. Ta-da. Done. Water a couple time a week (or less) with just a BIT of water, you don’t want to drown the poor plants. In a month or so, I’ll add a flowering cactus to add more color. No doubt I’ll also find Lego mini figures in there, maybe  few Barbie shoes for extra pizzazz.


Now for a giveaway!


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