Bridal Shower Weekend

When Danny got off work Friday, we jetted (I mean, drove) to Portland for the weekend. 

Before the “why” here are some road trip phone photos:

I guess that’s it. Apparently you can’t capture in a still image 5 kids asking “what town is this?” 78 times and negotiating iPad turns and demanding potty breaks. They are normally really good travelers.

We came over because Dan’s cousin’s fiancé was having a bridal shower. It was a lovely tea party and it was obvious the hostess had spent hours making sure it was just right.


I managed to slip away to ikea where I mentally planned what I’ll be getting for the girls’ room (floors still need painted) and then we went to dinner with Dans family

Valentine’s Day was an incredibly romantic and special day.

Just kidding.

We went to the outdoor show expo thing (it was awful) and then the 6 kids and I went to a bookstore while Danny went to a guitar shop. I lost Ollie once and Jamie twice which is a total win. I left with 6, don’t worry. Back at the hotel I took the big kids swimming and then Danny and I got the kids chicken strips and we got something slightly better and enjoyed it with an in-room movie.

Sometimes, celebrations look simple.

Happy Monday!


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