Friday Favorites

I’ve neglected my Friday Favorites, I know. I used to do it religiously every Friday and it was kind of put on the back burner. You know, being a very successful blogger with a giant following is harder than you might think. I mean, that’s what I hear at least. But here we are again with some of my faves.

  1. Ben and Gellie Moccasins.

I know that everyone goes bananas for Freshly Picked and they’re super cool right now (and I agree, they are super cute and I love them!) but I’m kind of digging what Ben and Gellie has. Simple and sweet designs and not as expensive as some brands that have gotten uber successful and now sell in Nordstrom.

She does cute bows, too, and the moccs go up to size 1.


2. I love our Crosley turntable. I use it everyday and I feel way cooler listening to records than listening to iTunes and anything that can make me feel cool, I’m in.


3. Holy Moses, my friends. Lodegepole in Moscow (Idaho) is incredible. We took some friends up last week to celebrate (late) Danny’s birthday and we all kind of moaned as we ate our food it was that good. The gnocchi was so buttery and rich and the braised beef they put in with it (they change it up every so often) was perfect. Danny had steelhead he said was delicious and Tobe had steak. All good. But I want to talk about their appetizers. If I’m going somewhere new, I like to do a little taste test and pretend that if I say, “I’m gonna blog about this,” to the waitress it will make a difference. No one ever cares, nor do they ask about my blog. Which, maybe they should, because one of these times a very successful and famous blogger might be eating at their restaurant, but I suppose that’s another topic of conversation we can get into later. Back to the apps, I like to try a bit of everything. With six people, it’s completely doable and not weird at all so I did it.

The tostadas were bomb. The onion rings? Perfection. Apparently the pickled deviled eggs were good but I wouldn’t know because I wouldn’t try them if I was paid. Unless anyone wants to pay me to be their food blogger, then I’d try them. All I’m saying is to make a reservation stat.


4. For Christmas, Danny got me a pair of Lululemon pants with mesh sides and I wasn’t sure about them at first. Let’s just say showing off more of my skin than is absolutely necessary isn’t what most people want to see at the gym. But I love them. They are cool and not see-through at all. They fit perfectly and someone told me my legs looked tiny in them the other day so that’s the real reason they’re my favorites.


5. I might have forgotten to tell you guys, but we’re Patagonia people. What I mean by that is we have friends who are actually Patagonia people and we want to basically be just like them so any time they have hand-me-downs (remember Little Alice?) we try to act cool about it, but we might just accept a little too excitedly. Patagonia jackets, though, are the best. They are the perfect weight and the perfect warmth. patagonia

6. Once upon a time, Ruthie was in junior high and had an obsession with the X Files. She may or may not have written to David Duchovny and received an autographed photo and she may or may not have watched every single episode and wished desperately for Scully and Mulder to just get together already.

It’s back. And so is my obsession.


7. Diana Rothery Photography.


Diana is my best friend (So I’m doing math here. She is my best friend’s best friend’s best friend. Simple elimination says she’s my best friend) who lives in San Francisco and is quite the photographer. When I was told she was coming to town, I booked a session with her about 10 minutes later. Not a joke.

She came to our house and stayed for about an hour and took pictures. She took some posed, but mostly candid, lifestyle shots and when I saw them, I was beyond happy. This picture is a perfect example. Each of us is doing our own thing (Franci nursing, Ollie dancing, Jamie reading back there, the girls in the front playing and Danny and I watching) and she captured our family beautifully. How she can convey emotion through the shots is incredible and I can say without a doubt these are my favorite photos ever. If you are in San Francisco or anywhere close, look her up and book her.


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